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Spotlight Digital Exhibits

Setting up and curating your digital exhibit with Spotlight.


Tags & Browse Categories

Within Spotlight, tags are used to search thematically, and to save the time of the curator, should be added thoughtfully. Think about how your user might want to search your exhibit on your own. Think of the tags as themes based on how you want to organize your objects outside of the pages and widgets on your exhibit.

Tagging photos also allows you to set up saved searches and browse categories to give users a chance to look at categories pre-determined by the curator.

Tagging Items

Tagging Items

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard. Under Curation, click Items.
  2. Under a digital item, click Edit.

screenshot of an item with edit circled in red

For items imported through OregonDigital, the only fields you can edit are Tags and any exhibit-specific fields you’ve created.

  1. All tags need to be separated by commas and best practice is to use plurals, e.g. dogs, cats, architecture, farming. If you’re adding a tag that’s already been added, it will pop-up for you.

screenshot of tags field with a dropdown menu appearing after a letter has been entered


  1. Click Save changes.
  2. You will be taken to the Items Details page of an item. Exhibit tags are at the very bottom of the metadata. Clicking on a tag will perform a search of all items with that tag.
  3. To edit existing tags, click the Edit button near the top of the page. Current tags will be blue. Tags themselves cannot be edited. You must first delete it by clicking the tiny x next to it and creating a new one, being sure to separate new tags by commas. After edits are complete, click Save changes.

Setting up Browse Categories

Setting up Browse Categories

Browse categories allow digital objects to be browsable by tags set up by the curator. For large exhibits, users might want to browse subsets of digital objects within that exhibit. It is recommended that all digital exhibits have browse categories.

  1. Add tags to items. (See Tagging Items.) Tags must be added to every item in order for that item to be browsable in Browse Categories.
  2. From your exhibit dashboard sidebar, under Curation, click Tags.

screenshot of curation menu with tags circled in red


  1. From the Tags page, you can
    1. Perform a search by clicking on a tag
    2. See how many objects are under a given tag. This number reflects the number of items with that tag in Spotlight, but a search will only return items within your exhibit.
    3. Delete tags.

screenshot of tags screen with tags and items tagged listed


  1. Click on a tag name to perform a search.
  2. Click Save this Search.

screenshot of search results pages with save this search circled in red


  1. A window will pop up where you can title your search or update a previously saved search.

screenshot of save this search pop-up window


  1. Repeat steps 2-6 for additional Browsable Categories.

When you are done

  1. Navigate back to your Dashboard and under Curation, click Browse.
  2. Click the checkbox for each category you want visible.

screenshot of checkbox checked


  1. Click Save changes.
  2. Browse will now appear in the exhibit’s navigation bar.

screenshot of main navigation menu with browse circled in red


  1. To give a category a thumbnail:
    1. Under Curation, click Browse
    2. Click Edit under the browse category title

screenshot of a saved search with edit circled in red

  1. Click Thumbnail

screenshot of edit browse category with thumbnail circled in red


  1. Upload or use an image already in the digital exhibit. To use an image already in the exhibit, begin typing the title within the exhibit and images will pop up for you to select.

screenshot of image source area with a dropdown menu appearing after text has been entered


  1. The image will appear below. Use the crop tool to select the area of the photo you wish to use as a thumbnail.
  2. Click Save changes.
  1. To change the look of search results:
    1. In the sidebar, under Curation, click Browse
    2. Click Edit under the browse category title
    3. From here, you can create a description of your search, as well as provide an additional search box for users to search within the Browser Category
    4. You can also change the look of search results – List, Gallery, Masonry, or Slideshow
  2. To reorder Browse Categories:
    1. Use the gray horizontal lines to drag and drop. This will affect how they show up on the Browse page.

screenshot of empty checkboxes on saved searches


  1. Make sure checkbox is selected to have the Browse category visible on the Browse Page
  2. Click Save changes

To view your Browse Categories, click Browse in the navigation bar.

screenshot of navigation menu with browse circled in red

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