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Spotlight Digital Exhibits

Setting up and curating your digital exhibit with Spotlight.


Adding & Managing Users

Only admins can add users to an exhibit and manage permissions.

Adding Users

  1. Navigate to your Dashboard. On the left-hand side bar, find Configuration and click Users.

configuration sidebar with 'users' circled in red


  1. Click Add a new user

'add a new user' button circled in red


  1. Enter a valid email address for the new user and assign them a role, either Admin or Curator.

role dropdown menu circled in red with 'admin' highlighted


  1. Click Save Changes.
  2. Once changes are saved, it will say pending next to the new user’s name. An email will be automatically sent to the email address you input, asking them to accept your invitation to join the exhibit. They must click the link in the email in order to join the exhibit. with 'pending' in orange next to it


  1. By clicking the icon under Actions next to a user’s name, Admins may edit users’ status as admin/curator or remove a user from the site.

the word action with the icon below it, a blue box with a tiny blue pencil

email in an editable text box with role dropdown menu, a red button that says 'remove from site,' 'cancel' in blue, and a blue 'save changes' button

  1. Click Save changes.
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