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Spotlight Digital Exhibits

Setting up and curating your digital exhibit with Spotlight.


Adding Items

There are four ways to add images to your digital exhibit:

  1. Adding a single item from OregonDigital
  2. Adding multiple items from OregonDigital
  3. Adding a single item from your computer
  4. Adding multiple items from the Internet

Adding Items

To add a single item from OregonDigital, under Curation, click Items. Click on the From external resource​ tab and make sure OregonDigital JSON is highlighted.

Screenshot of "From external resource" with OregonDigital JSON highlighted.


  1. Find your object in OregonDigital
  2. Copy the URL
  3. Paste URL in the text box and add “.json” to the end of the URL.

screenshot of URL with .json added


  1. Click Ingest it.
  2. You will get a notification at the top of your page that it was successfully ingested. 
  3. Click Items on the sidebar to confirm your item was imported.

screenshot of Items page with an item at the bottom


  1. From the Items page click Edit under the title of the object.

screenshot with an item and edit circled in red


  1. In the upper-right hand corner, you will see any Exhibit-Specific Fields you added.

screenshot at the top of item details page with an exhibit-specific field circled in red


  1. Type in metadata for your Exhibit-Specific Fields. You can also add tags to your image here. Click Save changes. They will appear first beneath your image.

screenshot of an item details page with exhibit-specific metadata under a photo circled in red

To add multiple items from OregonDigital, under Curation, click Items.  Click on From external resource tab and click List of OregonDigital IDs.

  1. Open a new plain text file (TextEdit on Mac or Notepad on Windows).
    1. If you're on a Windows, follow the instructions on how to make a .txt file
    2. If you’re on a Mac, TextEdit might default to a rich text format. Make to set it to “plain text” in Preferences.

screenshot of TextEdit menu dropped down with Preferences highlighted

screenshot of textedit preferences with plain text selected and circled in red


  1. For photos: from OregonDigital, copy the identifier at the end of each URL and paste it into the .txt document.

screenshot of OregonDigital image URL and the unique identifier highlighted


For documents: from OregonDigital, copy the identifier (excluding pagination information) at the end of each URL and paste it into the .txt document.

screenshot of OregonDigital document URL and the unique identifier highlighted


  1. Copy Step 2 for every item in OregonDigital that you want to upload.

screenshot of textedit window with a list of OregonDigital Unique IDs


  1. Ensure your file name ends in .txt when saved.
  2. On the upload page, click Choose file and locate the .txt file on your computer.
  3. Click Upload List.
  4. You will get a notification, “File uploaded, items are being processed.”
  5. Confirm that your items were added by clicking on Items. It may take a few minutes depending on how many photos you uploaded.

To upload a single item from your computer: Under Curation, click Items.

  1. Click the Upload Item tab.
  2. Click Choose file and locate the item on your computer.
  3. Fill out the metadata fields.
    1. Title, Description, Attribution, and Date are all default fields.
    2. Any exhibit-specific fields you created will also show up.

screenshot of add items page for Upload Item


  1. Click Add Item if you’re done adding items or Add item and continue adding if you have more images to add. It may take a few moments for items to be added.

To upload multiple items from URLs, under Curation, click Items, then click the Upload Multiple Items tab.

  1. Right-click on Download template.
  2. Click Save Link As… A file named “template.csv” will be automatically downloaded to your computer.
  3. Open template.csv in Excel or Numbers.
  4. The top row of the spreadsheet will be populated with headings:
    1. url: input the URL of the item (e.g.
    2. full_title_tesim: input the title of each image according to your metadata schema
    3. spotlight_upload_description_tesim: input description for each photo according to your metadata schema
    4. spotlight_upload_attribution_tesim: input attribution for each photo according to your metadata schema
    5. spotlight_upload_date_tesim: input date for each photo according to your metadata schema
    6. Any exhibit-specific fields you or our admin set will populate the remainder of the headings.
  5. Save your file as a .csv
  6. On the Upload Multiple Items page, click Choose File and locate the .csv file on your computer. Click Open.
  7. Confirm that your items were added by clicking on Items.
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