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Spotlight Digital Exhibits

Setting up and curating your digital exhibit with Spotlight.



Curators are responsible for adding items and building pages. They are unable to create and or configure exhibits. It is not required that these steps be followed in order, but many steps build on prior ones (for instance, you cannot tag or create browse categories when you have not added any items). It is best practice to go through each step to ensure your exhibit is fully functional.

  1. Adding Items
  2. Tagging & creating Browse Categories
  3. Building Pages
  4. Adding widgets to pages

Locating Dashboard

Exhibit Dashboard

Your dashboard is the page from which you will navigate to all the areas to build your exhibit.  The sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen is where you will find the pages to add content to your exhibit. You will return to this sidebar throughout the curation process.

  1. Dashboard will bring you back to the dashboard from any page.
  2. Analytics will take you to the analytics page.
  3. Curation contains pages to add items, pages, and browse categories.

exhibit dashboard with sidebar circled in red

Locating Exhibit Dashboard

  1. Login to
  2. You will be taken to the exhibit homepage. Click on Your exhibits.

Digital exhibit homepage with your exhibits circled in red


  1. Thumbnails of your exhibits will show. Click on the exhibit you want to work on (hovering your mouse over will cause the image to flip).

Thumbnails of digital exhibits on the 'your exhibits' tab


  1. You will be taken to your exhibit’s homepage. Click on your email address in the upper right-hand corner. Click Exhibit dashboard and you will be taken to your dahsboard.

dropdown menu under with 'exhibit dashboard' circled in red

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