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Exploring Academic Integrity in Your Research: A Tutorial

A UO Libraries self-guided tutorial on integrity in library research and using sources ethically

6 - Student Responsibilities

What are your responsibilities as a student?

At UO, it is the responsibility of the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards (part of the Office of the Dean of Students) to establish the community standards and procedures necessary to maintain and protect an environment conducive to learning and in keeping with the educational objectives of the University of Oregon.


The Student Conduct Code involves prohibited conduct in 4 categories:

  • Academic Misconduct (including cheating and plagiarism)
  • Substance Use Misconduct
  • General Misconduct (including safety violations and crimes)
  • Discriminatory Misconduct (including sexual misconduct)


As a member of the university community, it is your responsibility to know your rights and fulfill these expectations. The Student Conduct and Community Standards office is committed to supporting all students in that process.

More information can be found on the Student Resources page of the UO Dean of Students website.