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Exploring Academic Integrity in Your Research: A Tutorial

A UO Libraries self-guided tutorial on integrity in library research and using sources ethically

Congratulations on completing this Tutorial!

Congratulations on completing this Tutorial!

You should know be more familiar with these four areas that make up academic discourse. If you have questions, please contact a librarian.

4 Puzzle Pieces, each with one of the following labels: The Scholarly Conversation; Attribution & Citation; Academic Honesty; Copyright & Fair Use

If you would like to take the quiz, please go on to the final page.

More Resources

More Resources

As mentioned throughout this tutorial, UO and UO Libraries provide a variety of tools and resources to help students successfully engage in the scholarly conversation.

Research guides on:

Support for Citation Management Software:

Contact a librarian for:

  • Research help
  • Citation guidance
  • Citation management software
  • Navigating copyright questions

UO Resources: