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Copyright & Fair Use

How to Use this Guide

Copyright is Complex

This guide addresses the many ins and outs of copyright as they relate to your research, instruction, and publications. Find help by the topic you are interested in via the guide menu. Soon we will be adding options to find help via the type of material you are working with, the type of project you are working on as well.


Note: This LibGuide is intended to serve as a clearinghouse of all the copyright information the UO Libraries shares. You will also find many elements from this page reused in other guides.

Disclaimer: This research guide is intended to provide information about copyright and guidance in determining if the use you would like to make of copyrighted material is allowed by law. The information presented does not constitute legal advice. If you have questions, or need more assistance, please contact Julia Simic,

Connect to the UO Network from Off Campus

1. Library Proxy Service

Links on library webpages (including  in LibrarySearch, Browzine, and Databases A-Z) run through a proxy server which verifies you are a UO member, and are eligible to access library materials. When you click on a proxied link for the first time in the session, you are prompted to enter your DuckID and password to access the resource.

2. VPN (Virtual Private Network) Service

For certain library resources, using the UO's VPN service will be necessary.  VPN is not necessary for Canvas or LibrarySearch access.

If the proxied links or bookmarklet aren't working for you, the VPN lets you join the UO's network from off-campus. Using the VPN slows your internet speed, so only connect when you need to access resources, and disconnect once you're done.

For more information on accessing Library resources from off-campus, please check the following links:

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