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Copyright & Fair Use

Course Materials

UO Libraries is in the business of providing no-cost access to course materials whenever possible. There are three main paths to sharing materials with students:


1. Link directly to online content provided by the UO Libraries using one of these linking methods:
  • Find online content such as books, articles, films, and more, in the LibrarySearch and use the button in the information for the item "Link to this item" to get a permanent link to post to Canvas  Image demonstrating how to find and copy permalink or persistent link within UO Libraries catalog. 


  • Find online content in any of our databases, and create a permanent link that goes through our UO Libraries log in system, by placing the following text at the start of the web address (url):

For more information about persistent links to UO Libraries' content, see:

2. Do your own fair use analysis of each item you are considering copying and distributing to students.
Some tools that might help your analysis are:
3. Use Open Educational Resources
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