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Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Special Collections

This guide offers brief descriptions of relevant Women in Society collections. Links are provided whenever online inventories exist.

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Teaching with Primary Source Materials

Our collections exist to be used. When students work directly with primary source materials, historic photographs, and documents that are old or unique, they discover an excitement and passion not generated by textbooks.

Primary source documents can inspire, but they also teach about learning to verify sources, tracking down connections, finding evidence from content and from physical clues.

Women Children's Authors | SCUA Collections Documenting Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Special Collections and University Archives collects in the topical area Children’s Literature, including authors and illustrators of children’s books, especially authors and illustrators associated with Greenwillow Books and Northwest authors and illustrators.

Adams, Harriet Stratemayer. (1892-1982).

In the Stratemayer Syndicate Records. 1883-1966. 0.5 ft.
Harriet Stratemayer Adams took over writing the children's series, Nancy Drew, Bobbsey Twins, and Hardy Boys, from her father, Edward Stratemayer. The collection includes three book manuscripts by Stratemayer, one by Adams, early publications, and fan letters.

Adshead, Gladys L. (b. 1896).

Papers. 1939-1961. 1.5 ft.
Gladys L. Adshead edited the poetry collection, Bells Beyond the Sand, and wrote children's books. The collection contains manuscripts and correspondence.
(Ax 446)

Allen, Thelma Diener. (b. 1908).

In Don B. and Thelma D. Allen Papers. 1951-1974. 10.5 ft.
Thelma and Don Allen wrote juvenile fiction together under the pseudonym T.D. Allen. Their papers include correspondence; manuscripts; research materials and notes; and publicity, reviews, and photographs.
(Ax 500)

Baynes, Pauline. (b. 1922)

Illustrations. 1955-1972. 9 drawings.
This collection contains original illustrations for children's books by Pauline Baynes.

Beatty, Hetty Burlingame. (1906-1971).

Papers. 1947-1970. 9.5 ft.
Hetty Burlingame Beatty was a sculptor, free-lance writer, and author-illustrator of books for juveniles. Her papers include manuscripts, correspondence, a journal, sketchbooks, and an article about writing for children.

(Ax 452)

Bendick, Jeanne. (b. 1919).

Papers. 1950-1976. 13 ft.
Jeanne Bendick is an author-illustrator of books for juveniles, especially science books. The collection contains original illustrations by Bendick, manuscripts, correspondence, and published works.
(Ax 550)

Bohanon, Eunice Blake. (b. 1904).

Papers. 1964-1966. 0.5 ft.
Eunice Bohanon was an editor of children's books who traveled in India, Pakistan, Israel, Italy and the Philippines from 1964 to 1966 representing the Department of State and Franklin Books. Her papers include correspondence, reports, manuscripts, and articles about her travels.
(Ax 342)

Brann, Esther

Papers. 1924-1960. 1 box.
Esther Brann was an author-illustrator of children's books. Her papers include correspondence with MacMillan Company, manuscripts, page proofs, and minor artwork.
(Ax 432)

Brooks, Anne Tedlock. (b. 1905).

Papers. 1939-1950. 2 ft.
Anne Tedlock Brooks is an author of novels for young people. The manuscripts are for her books, Singing Fiddles and Fire in the Wind. The correspondence is with her agents and editors.
(Ax 107)

Bullard, Marion.

In James Rorty Papers. 1915-1972. 9 ft.
Marion Bullard was a writer of children's books, a newspaper editor, and the sister of author's J. Rorty and Eva Beard. The collection includes some correspondence and a few of Marion Bullard's manuscripts.
(Ax 769)

Burton, Virginia Lee. (1909-1968).

Papers. 1939-1950. 3 ft.
Virginia Burton was a writer and illustrator of children's books including The Little House, winner of the 1943 Caldecott Medal. Her papers include original artwork, manuscripts, page proofs, and tearsheets.
(AX 839)

Carroll, Ruth Robinson (b. 1899).

Papers. 1945-1972. 13.5 ft.
Ruth Robinson Carroll was an author-illustrator of children's books, many written with her husband. The collection contains manuscripts and original art work, correspondence, and autographed presentation copies of books by Elmer and Berta Hader and letters from Berta Hader, 1965-1972.
(Ax 710)

Cavanah, Frances. (1899-1982).

Papers. 1968-1969. 1.5 ft.
Frances Cavanah wrote and edited books for juveniles. Her papers contain manuscripts, books, and correspondence with publishers.
(Ax 544)

Chastain, Madye Lee. (b. 1908).

Papers. 1951. 1 box.
Madye Lee Chastain was an author illustrator of children's books. Her papers consist of the manuscript and 31 original illustrations for Steamboat South.
(Ax 545)

Colman, Hila.

Papers. 1963-1979. 2.5 ft.
Hila Colman was a writer of books for and about adolescents. The collection contains manuscripts, outlines, and related correspondence.
(Ax 750)

Credle, Ellis. (1902-).

Papers. 1964-1971. 1 ft.
Ellis Credle was an author-illustrator of books for juveniles. The collection includes professional correspondence and manuscripts and related material for five books.
(Ax 657)

Cunningham, Julia Woolfolk (b. 1916).

Papers. 1957-1973. 1.5 ft. Julia Cunningham is an author of children's books, a poet and an associate editor for Screen Stories. The papers include correspondence, poems, and manuscripts.
(Ax 655)

Curren, Polly (b. 1917).

Papers. 1970-1979. 1.5 ft.
Polly Curren writes children's books. Her papers include manuscripts, correspondence, and books.
(Ax 871)

Daugherty, Sonia Medredeva (1893-1971).

In James Daugherty Papers. 1922-1973. 17.5 ft.
Sonia Daugherty was a children's author best known for writing biographies. There are four manuscripts by her in James Daugherty's papers.
(Ax 450)

D'Aulaire, Ingi Mortenson (1904-1980).

In Edgar Parin D'Aulaire Papers. 1952-1976. 3 ft.
The D'Aulaires wrote and illustrated children's books. The collection includes proofsheets and illustrations for their books.
(Ax 443)

Desmond, Alice Curtis (b. 1897).

Papers. 1931-1976. 6 ft.
Desmond wrote juvenile fiction and nonfiction. The collection contains manuscripts and relevant materials and professional correspondence.
(Ax 757)

Dougherty, Joanna Foster (b. 1928)

Selected Papers. 1968. 1.5 ft.
Joanna Foster Dougherty was editor of Illustrators of Children's Books: 1957-1966. The papers include bibliographic and biographic material not used in the book.
(Bx 132)

Eberle, Irmengarde (1898-1979).

Papers. 1937-1974. 1.5 ft.
Irmengarde Eberle was an editor and professional reviewer who began writing children's books in 1937. Her full name was Irmengarde Eberle Koehler. The collection contains Manuscripts and related materials for three books, minor correspondence, and a grou0 of foreign language editions.
(Ax 459)

Ehrlich, Bettina Bauer (b. 1903)

Papers. 1959. 1 folder.
Bettina Bauer Ehrlich was an English writer and illustrator of children's books. The collection contains manuscripts and illustrations for For the Leg of a Chicken (London, 1960).
(A 163)

Emery, Anne McGuigan (b. 1907)

Papers. 1941-1971. 6 ft.
Anne McGuigan Emery taught school in the Evanston, Illinois public School system, and has written books and articles for children and young people. The papers consist of book manuscripts, source material and notes for particular books, a collection of published short pieces, correspondence with publishers and an agent, biographical material, a scrapbook, and photographs.
(Coll. 185)

Fatio, Louise (b. 1904).

In the Roger Antoine Duvoisin Papers. 1934-1967. 1 box.
Fatio writes children's books. The collection contains nine manuscripts by Fatio including drafts, galley prints, and revisions.
(Ax 596)

Ferguson, Evelyn Nevin (b. 1910).

Papers. 1950-1977. 1.5 ft.
Evelyn Nevin Ferguson was an author of children's books. The collection contains correspondence and manuscripts.
(Ax 817)

Flack, Marjorie (1897-1958).

Papers. 1928-1947. 3 ft.
Marjorie Flack was an author-illustrator of children's books. The collection includes original illustrations and sketches as well as a few works by other artists.
(Ax 867)

Floethe, Louise Lee (b. 1913).

Papers. 1961-1973. 1 ft.
Louise Floethe writes children's books and educational film scripts. Her papers include original manuscripts and illustrations, one film script, correspondence about The Story of Lumber, Christmas cards designed by her husband, Richard Floethe, and two inscribed books.
(Ax 447)

Foster, Genevieve Stump (1893-1979).

Papers. 1920-1973. 8 boxes.
Genevieve Stump Foster was an author-illustrator of children's books who wrote mostly about famous American men. The papers include manuscripts and original illustrations, correspondence, phonograph records, and published works.
(Ax 840)

Franchere, Ruth Myers.

Papers. 1958-1969. 1.5 ft.
Ruth Myers Franchere was an author of books for juveniles and a lecturer in English at universities in Oregon and Washington. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and research notes.
(Ax 548)

Glaser, Lillian Gerard.

In William and Lillian Glaser Papers. 1921-1963. 32 ft.
The Glasers specialized in printing color reproductions of illustrations for children's books, The collection includes correspondence, job-order files, manuscripts, art work, books printed by the Glasers, and some personal material.
(A 874)

Hall, Rosalys Haskell (b. 1914).

Papers. 1954-1968. 1 ft.
Rosalys Haskell Hall is an author of children's books and a former editor for David McKay Co. Her papers include five manuscripts with related material, correspondence, and books.
(Ax 458)

Hammond, Eleanor (1890-1950).

Papers. 1928-1949). 0.5 ft.
Eleanor Hammond was an Oregon poet and author of children's stories. Manuscripts include short stories in the series Dogs Worthy of Mention, Mr. McGregor, and Thomas McKat and an operetta. There is also a scrapbook of published and unpublished poems.
(Coll. 38)

Hawkins, Quail (b. 1906).

Papers. 1933-1973. 4.5 ft.
Quail Hawkins is an author of children's books as well as a lecturer, teacher, and children's bookseller. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, clippings, illustrations, photographs, memorabilia, and books.
(Ax 819)

Hogan, Inez (b. 1895)

Papers. 1928-1963. 2 boxes, 51 volumes.
Inez Hogan was an author-illustrator of children's books most noted for her animal stories. The collection includes manuscripts and illustrations with working notes and layout plans, correspondence, and books containing Hogan's illustrations.
(Coll. 44)

Holberg, Ruth Langland (1889-1984).

Papers. 1923-1972. 6 ft.
Ruth Holberg was an author of books for juveniles, a poet, and a painter. Her papers include manuscripts, research notes, correspondence, a 1923 diary of her European travels, an journal from the late 1920s and early 1930s, and photographs.
(Coll. 179)

Huntington, Harriet Elizabeth. (b. 1909).

Papers. 1941-1974. 6 boxes.
Harriet Elizabeth Huntington was an author of nonfiction for juveniles and a photographer. The papers include manuscripts, photographs, and correspondence.
(Ax 454)

Hyman, Trina Schart (b. 1939).

Papers. 1965-1981. 6.9 cubic ft.
An author and leading illustrator of children's books, Hyman won the Boston Globe Horn Book Award and a Caldecott Honor. She has served as both an art director and a staff artist for Cricket magazine. Her papers include illustrations and some texts for children's books; greeting cards and fable cards designed by Hyman; and miscellaneous artwork.
(Coll. 65)

Johnston, Dorothy Grunbock.

Papers. 1953-1969. 6 ft.
Dorothy Johnston writes children's books and moral and religious stories and articles. Her papers include correspondence, manuscripts, Sunday school lessons, and published material.
(Ax 693)

Jones, Elizabeth Orton (1910-1979).

Papers. 1925-1968. 5 ft.
Elizabeth Orton Jones is an artist, writer, and illustrator of children's books. The papers include correspondence, original illustrations, 38 prints using drypoint with aquatint, book dummies, and a scrapbook about her illustrations for Rachel Field's Prayer for a Child (New York, 1944).
(Coll. 200)

Kennell, Ruth Epperson (1893-1977).

Papers. 1922-1977. 16 ft.
Ruth Epperson Kennell was an author and children's librarian who spent ten years in Russia from 1922 to 1932 and wrote books and short stories for children, often set in Russia. The collection includes manuscripts; correspondence rich in observations of the leftist political movement, postrevolutionary Russia, and the emancipation of women from confining sex roles; and photographs.
(Ax 872)

Krautter, Elisa Bialk (b. 1912).

Papers. 1947-1968. 4.5 ft.
Elisa Bialk Krautter was a journalist and author for juveniles and adults. The papers include manuscripts, correspondence, and fan letters from children.
(Ax 503)

Lampman, Evelyn Sibley (1907-1980).

Papers. 1948-1980. 7 cubic ft.
Evelyn Sibley Lampman was a writer for radio stations in Portland and author of children's books. Her papers include correspondence, manuscripts, illustrations, a scrapbook, and photographs.
(Coll. 11)

Lee, Eunice S. "Tina".

In Manning de Villeneuve Papers. 1926-1961. 6 ft.
Eunice "Tina" Lee was an author of children's books and a former art editor of Jack and Jill. The Manning de Villeneuve Papers include her correspondence, manuscripts, and original illustrations.
(Ax 530)

Leighton, Margaret Carver (b. 1896).

Papers. 1937-1973. 2 ft.
Margaret Carver Leighton wrote stories for young people. The collection includes manuscripts, research materials, and correspondence. A major series of correspondence is with Wilma K. McFarland, editor of The Portal and Child Life, 1937 to 1947.
(Ax 285)

McGraw, Eloise Jarvis (b. 1915).

Papers. 1949-1983. 22.5 ft.
Eloise Jarvis McGraw writes stories for children and young people.. She also taught at Portland State University and Marylhurst College. The collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, teaching aids, scrapbooks, and photographs.
(Ax 243)

McLelland, Isabel Couper.

Papers. 1941-1962. 1.5 ft.
Isabel Couper McLelland was born in Scotland and moved to Portland, Oregon with her parents. She was educated at the University of Oregon, and taught in Portland, Oregon. The papers include manuscripts of 4 books for juveniles and correspondence with Henry Hold & Co. There is also a typed copy of an epistolary diary kept by the author on her trip around the world in 1956.
(Ax 419)

Mansfield, Norma Bicknell (1906-1965).

Papers, 1929-1960. 4.5 ft.
Norma Bicknell Mansfield wrote books for children and adults. Her papers include correspondence, manuscripts, research material, and photographs.
(Ax 765)

Mason, Mary Frank (1888-1966).

In Arthur Mason Papers. 1920-1957. 1.5 ft.
Mary Frank Mason was an author of children's stories and a librarian. The Mary Frank Papers consist of manuscripts of children's stories and articles on books, libraries and reading and some correspondence. Her correspondents include Elmer Hader, Edwin Muir, Elmer Rice, and Sherwood Trask.
(Ax 402)

Mizner, Elizabeth Howard (b. 1907)

Papers. 1955-1964. 0.5 ft.
This collection contains manuscripts of historical novels for young people by Elizabeth Howard Mizner.
(Ax 663)

Newberry, Clare Turlay (1903-1970).

Papers. 1910-1969. 3 ft.
Clare Turlay Newberry was a portraitist, artist and illustrator of children's books. Her papers include original drawings, book dummies, and scrapbooks from her childhood and early days.
(Ax 681)

Petersham, Maud (1890-1971).

Papers. 1930-1958. 1 box.
Maud Petersham collaborated with her husband, Miska Petersham, on writing and illustrating books for juveniles. The collection consists of examples of the work of the Petershams, including original illustrations, book dummies, and manuscripts.
(Ax 534)

Pinkerton, Kathrene Sutherland (1887-1967).

In the Robert E. and Kathrene Pinkerton Papers. 1911-1962. 5 ft.
Kathrene and Robert Pinkerton wrote teenage novels and nature stories. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and a diary.
(Ax 591)

Plowhead, Ruth Gipson (1877-1970).

Papers. 1931-1969. 3 ft.
Ruth Gipson Plowhead was a newspaper editor and author of books for juveniles. The papers include manuscripts, correspondence, story ideas, and original illustrations by Agnes Randall Moore.

Price, Christine (1928-1980).

Papers. 1948-1978. 24 ft.
Christine Price was an English-born author and illustrator of children's books. Her papers include original book illustrations, manuscripts, journals, slide subject files, photographs, and cassette tapes.
(Ax 448)

Price, Margaret Evans (1888-1973).

Papers. 1921-1955. 1 ft.
Margaret Evans Price was the co-founder of the Fisher-Price toy company in the 1930s and an author-illustrator of children's books. The collection includes original art work and books by Price.
(Ax 735)

Royal, Denise (b. 1935).

Papers. 1967-1970. 3 ft.
Denise Royal wrote a young people's biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer (St. Martin's Press, 1969). The collection contains notes, sources, correspondence, and manuscripts for the biography.
(Ax 721)

Ruhtenberg, Polly King (1907-1983)

.3.5 cubic ft.
Polly King Ruhtenberg was a libertarian and an author of children's books. The collection includes correspondence, speeches, political research material, and a scrapbook.
(Coll. 81)

Savery, Constance Winifred (b. 1897).

Work Diaries. 1913-1973. 5 volumes.
Constance Winifred Savery was a British author of children's literature. Four of her work diaries provide chronological accounts of publications, dates, and pen name used. The fifth volume contains short stories.
(A 309)

Selsam, Millicent Ellis (b. 1912).

Papers. 1955-1969. 1 ft.
Millicent Selsam writes popular science books for young people. The collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, and published works.
(Ax 457)

Seredy, Kate (1899-1975).

Illustrations and Art Work. 1935-1936?. 3 ft.
Kate Seredy was an artist and illustrator of children's books. The collection contains original illustrations and sketches.
(Ax 517)

Simon, Mina Lewiton (1904-1970).

In the Howard and Mina Lewiton Simon Papers. 1954-1969. 4.5 ft.
Mina Lewiton Simon was a writer for juveniles whose books were illustrated by her husband. The collection includes manuscripts, illustrations, and published works.
(Ax 702)

Steffan, Alice Jacqueline Kennedy (b. 1907).

Papers. 1956-1966. 3 ft.
Alice Steffan wrote biographies for juveniles under the name Jack Steffan. The collection includes manuscripts and correspondence.
(Ax 293)

Sturtzel, Jane Levington (b. 1903).

In the Howard Allison Sturtzel Manuscripts. 1956-1976. 1 ft.
As Jane and Paul Annixter, the Sturtzels wrote nature novels for young people.
(Ax 654)

Townsend, Ellis Credle.

See Credle, Ellis.

Turngren, Annette (1902-1980).

Papers. 1939-1969. 1.5 ft.
Annette Turngren wrote mystery stories for children. The collection contains a manuscript, artwork by Dorothy Bayley, and published books.
(Ax 557)

Uchida, Yoshiko (b. 1921)

Papers. 1948-1978. 5 boxes.
Yoshiko Uchida writes children's books based on Japanese folk tales. The collection includes manuscripts, correspondence, reviews and publicity, and published books.
(Ax 549)

Unwin, Nora Spicer (1907-1982).

Papers. 1943-1979. 15 ft.
Nora Spicer Unwin was an artist and author-illustrator of children's books. The collection includes correspondence, original illustrations, manuscripts, diaries, and photographs.
(Ax 358)

Watson, Jane Werner (b. 1915).

Papers. 1958-1978. 4 ft.
Jane Werner Watson was an editor and writer of books for juveniles. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, photos, and memorabilia.
(Ax 787)

Weil, Lisl (b. 1910).

Papers. 1967-1979. 3 ft.
Lisl Weil is a Viennese-born author-illustrator of children's books. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and Weil's illustrations for books by other authors.
(Ax 612)

White, Anne Terry (1896-1981).

Papers. 1963-1968.
Anne Terry White was a teacher, social worker, editor, writer of children's books, and translator of Russian children's books. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and White's published translations.
(Ax 468)

Wilson, Hazel (b. 1898).

Papers. 1969. 0.5 ft.
Hazel Wilson was an author for young adults and a lecturer on radio and television. The collection includes an unbound copy of The Years Between: Washington at Home at Mount Vernon, 1783-89 and related material and a printer's copy of a biography of Washington Irving.
(Ax 377)

Woolley, Catherine (b. 1904).

Papers. 1940-1980. 4.5 ft.
Catherine Woolley was a free-lance writer of children's books, sometimes using the name Jane Thayer. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, stories for Sunday school publications (1949-1964).
(Ax 642)

Wyndham, Lee (1912-1978). [pseudonym]

Papers. 1947-1978. 21 ft.
Lee Wyndham was the pseudonym for Jane Andrews Lee Hyndman, an editor and author of books for juveniles. The collection includes manuscripts, lectures, and correspondence. There are also three taped interviews, two with Wyndham and one with Phyllis A. Whitney.
(Ax 472)

Yaukey, Grace Sydenstricker (b. 1899)

Papers. 1934-1968. 3 ft.
Grace Yaukey wrote books for juveniles mostly about China, the country of her birth. The collection includes manuscripts, photographs and illustrations, published works, and correspondence.
(Ax 498)

Zim, Sonia Bleeker (1909-1971).

In Herbert Spencer Zim Papers. 1934-1976. 34 ft.
Sonia Bleeker Zim wrote books for juveniles, some in collaboration with her husband. The collection includes manuscripts by the Zims, correspondence, and published works.
(Ax 558)

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