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Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Special Collections

This guide offers brief descriptions of relevant Women in Society collections. Links are provided whenever online inventories exist.

Carol's Saltshaker: A Link to Lesbian Literature's Foundations

The past meets the present in our Friday File series, where we delve through artifacts housed at the UO Libraries and let them talk. Before The Price of Salt, books featuring gay and lesbian relationships usually ended in repentance or tragedy. But Patricia Highsmith's second novel didn't.

Literature Related Guides

Teaching with Primary Source Materials

Our collections exist to be used. When students work directly with primary source materials, historic photographs, and documents that are old or unique, they discover an excitement and passion not generated by textbooks.

Primary source documents can inspire, but they also teach about learning to verify sources, tracking down connections, finding evidence from content and from physical clues.

Women Authors | SCUA Collections Documenting Women, Gender, and Sexuality

Special Collections and University Archives collects in the topical area Women, Gender, and Sexuality, including Women’s Back to the Land movement, women linguists focusing on gender issues in language, women who have affected the political process and cultural landscape.

Albert, Katherine.

See Eunson, Katherine Albert.

Allen, Sally Elliot. (1800-1943).

Papers. 1906-1943. 3 ft.
Ida Elliot (Sally) Allen was a Pacific Northwest writer and playwright. She was born in Methuen, Massachusetts, educated at the University of Wisconsin, and married Eric Allen in 1906. The Allens lived in Seattle, Washington until 1912, when he was appointed dean of the School of Journalism at the University of Oregon. The collection includes correspondence; manuscripts, including the play, What the Gulls Knew; published materials; a scrapbook; and reminiscences.
(Ax 239)

Arvonen, Helen. (b. 1918).

Papers. 1947-1973. 7 ft.
Helen Arvonen is a Canadian-born author, now living in Sault Ste. Marie. The papers consist of manuscripts of two novels and five short stories. There are also 35 letters from Edith Margolis of the Lenninger Literary Agency.
(Ax 374)

Ayer, Margaret. (d. 1981).

Finding aid

Papers. 1944-1970. 4.5 ft.
Margaret Ayer was born in New York City and educated at the Museum School of Industrial Arts in Philadelphia. She was did illustrating for St. Nicholas magazine, and has written and illustrated many books. The papers include manuscripts, original illustrations, and copies of published works.
(Ax 506)

Barron, Ann.

Manuscript. 1967. 230 pp.
Ann Barron was a writer whose manuscript, Sleep, Sable Brother, was published in 1969 by Gold Medal Books under the title Strange Legacy.

Barry, Iris Thorpe.

Papers. 1939-1973. 3.5 ft.
Iris Thorpe Barry wrote short stories, poetry, articles, and books. The collection contains correspondence and the original typed manuscripts of novels, short stories, and poems.
(Ax 227)

Beard, Eva.

In James Rorty Papers. 1915-1972. 9ft.
Eva Beard wrote prose and poetry and is the sister of writers' James Rorty and Marion Bullard. The collection includes correspondence and some of Eva Beard's unpublished manuscripts.
(Ax 769)

Benary-Isbert, Margot. (1889-1979).

Finding aid

Papers. 1950-1971. 4.5 ft.
Margot Benary-Isbert was a German-born naturalized U.S. citizen who began writing professionally in 1952. Her papers include manuscripts in German with English translations, notes, original illustrations, published articles, poems, book reviews, biographical information, and correspondence.
(Ax 394)

Bishop, Elizabeth. (1911-1979).

Letters to Carley Dawson. 1948-1949, 24 letters.
Elizabeth Bishop was born in Worcester, Massachusetts and graduated from Vassar College. In 1949-1950, she was a consultant in poetry at the Library of Congress. She was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for poetry in 1956 for Poems: North and South (Boston, 1955). The letters refer to poets, poetry, and personal problems.
(A 214)

Bobbe, Dorothy de Bear. (1895-1975).

Papers. 1925-1972. 1.5 ft.
Dorothy de Bear Bobbe was an editor, reviewer, author, and historian. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and research material.
(Ax 808)

Bratton, Helen. (b. 1899).

Finding aid

Papers. 1962-1969. 1.5 ft.
Helen Bratton was the poet laureate of Monterey Peninsula in 1962. Her papers include correspondence, manuscripts, notes, reviews, and biographical material.
(Ax 614)

Brentano, Frances Isabella Hyams.

In Lowell Brentano Papers. 1917-1952. 6 ft.
Frances Brentano was a writer and editor in the Brentano publishing firm. Her literary scouting brought in the Harvard Play Series and the early works of birth-control pioneer Margaret Sanger. The papers include correspondence, manuscripts, research material, memorabilia, and a scrapbook.
Ax 568.

Call, Hughie Florence (1890-1969).

Finding aid

Papers. 1936-1968. 1.5 cubic feet.
Hughie Florence Call was a writer, lecturer, and creative writing instructor. Her papers include correspondence, manuscripts, research notes, tearsheets, reviews, legal documents, and memorabilia.
(Coll. 73)

Cather, Willa.

See Bishop, Mrs. E. Harden (collector).

Chapman, Maristan. [pseudonym]

Papers. 1921-1967. 12 ft.
Mary Hamilton Ilsley Chapman (1895-) and John Stanton Higham Chapman (1891-1972) wrote under the name Maristan Chapman. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, contracts, and royalty statements, published books and articles, and personal data.
(Coll. 203)

Cole, Beatrice Lubitz.

Manuscript. n.d. 284 pages.
This manuscript, entitled The Smaller Half was written under the pseudonym Cole Freedman.
(A 217)

Collins, Mary Garden.

Papers. 1941-1953. 1 ft.
Mary Garden Collins was a California mystery writer. Her papers contain correspondence, including seven letters from Gertrude Atherton, 1943 to 1947; scrapbooks; and manuscripts.
(Ax 201)

Condon, Miriam L.

Papers. 1892-1968. 0.25 ft.
This collection contains manuscripts, documents, correspondence, photographs, and a travel notebook by Miriam Condon, a writer.

Corbett, Elizabeth Frances. (1887-1981).

Papers. 1928-1974. 1 ft.
Elizabeth Corbett was an author of romantic novels, described once as "nice novels about nice people." Her papers include annotated manuscripts, tearsheets, publicity, personal correspondence, idea cards, and biographical data. The manuscripts include a dramatic version of The Young Mrs. Meigs.
(Ax 547)

Cox, Shelby Shackelford.

See Shackelford, Shelby.

Craig, Mary Francis. (b. 1923).

Papers. 1958-1979. 8 ft.
Mary Francis Craig was an author of short stories and articles for religious magazines and romances for confession magazines. She also wrote books for children and young people. Her early work was written as Mary Francis Shura. The papers consist of manuscripts, correspondence, biographical material, and photographs. Correspondence is with publishers and literary agents.
(Ax 435)

Davies, Mary Carolyn.

Papers. 1919-1934. 1.5 ft.
Mary Carolyn Davies was a writer and a poet. The collection includes manuscripts, business correspondence, reviews, biographical data, and photographs.

Day, Gerry.

Papers. 1949-1975. 3.5 ft. Gerry Day writes western stories and television scripts. The collection includes outlines, revisions, and manuscripts of screenplays, television scripts, and short stories.
(Ax 436)

Disney, Jean Adams.

See Ross, Annette Laslett.

Dun, Marie de Nervaud (1884-1973).

Papers. 1958-1968. 2 ft.
Dun wrote western adventures, romance novels, and stories. The collection contains bound volumes of her work, manuscripts, correspondence, and the papers of Du\'s grandparents, James and Hannah Neall.
(Ax 742)

Dye, Eva Emery (1855-1947).

Manuscript. 1900. 663 pages.
Eva Emery Dye was a Northwest author. The collection consists of the manuscript of McLoughlin and Old Oregon (McClurg, 1900). In addition nine of her letters are in the Bertram Wilson Huffman papers, and three other letters are cataloged separately.
(F813 D986)

Eaton, Minerva Hendershott.

Papers. 1 folder.
This collection contains documents, biographies, and reminiscences about the early history of Union County, Oregon. Most of these papers were delivered as addresses to the Pioneer Association of Union County.
(CB Ea85)

Estes, Amy.

Manuscript Music. ca. 1880. 4 pages.
The manuscript cover for the song "Goodbye" (Portland, Oregon, ca. 1880) has a pencil drawing by Estes of a man leaving home.
(F784 E585)

Eunson, Katherine Albert (1903-1970).

Papers. ca. 1940-1947. 0.5 ft.
The collection consists of manuscripts by Eunson (pseudonym Katherine Albert) and her husband, Dale Eunson, of plays, screen plays, and short stories.
(Ax 745)

Faubion, Nina Lane (1884-1945)

Papers. 1887-1938. 1 box.
Nina Lane Faubion, writer, artist, and amateur mycologist, was the daughter of Senator Harry Lane of Oregon. She was his secretary in Washington, D.C. Her papers include 20 letters to and from Nan Wood Honeyman, 1936-1938, and an unpublished manuscript, "Undiplomatic Relations," describing Congress and official Washington as she saw it between 1915 and 1917. The Faubion papers also contain letters and a scrapbook of Harry Lane.
(Ax 185)

Fetter, Elizabeth Head (1904-1972).

Papers. 1926-1972. 7.5 ft.
Elizabeth Head Fetter (pseudonym Hannah Lees) wrote detective and mystery stories. Her papers include correspondence, manuscripts, travel diaries, journals, biographical data, and published items.
(Ax 743)

Flebbe, Beulah Dix (1876-1970).

Papers. 1885-1966. 12 ft.
Beulah Dix Flebbe wrote plays for the Radcliffe Idler Club and was the first woman to win the George B. Sohier Prize at Harvard University. She joined the Boston Author's Club and collaborated with playwright Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland. During World War I, she worked for Cecil B. DeMille and Jesse L. Lasky writing screen plays and adaptations. The collection includes correspondence; a 20 volume diary, most detailed for 1885 to 1890; manuscripts; plays; research notebooks; financial records and contracts; scrapbooks; reviews with Flebbe\'s critical comments; photos; and memorabilia.
(Ax 502)

Fortner, Ethel Nestell (1907-1987).

Papers. 1958-1987. 21 ft.
Ethel Nestell Fortner was a poet, editor, and book reviewer for The Human Voice, a poetry quarterly. She edited New as a Wave, written by her friend Eve Triem. The collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, poetry by other poets including Eve Triem, biographical material, scrapbooks, audio tapes, and photographs.
(Coll. 182)

Friermood, Elizabeth Hamilton (b. 1903).

Papers. 1951-1963. 1.5 ft.
Elizabeth Friermood was an author and public librarian in Indiana. The collection includes original manuscripts and related material as well as correspondence.
(Ax 453)

Fritz, Jean Guttery (b. 1915).

Papers. 1962-1969. 1 box.
Jean Guttery Fritz is a Chinese-born author of historical biographies and novels for juveniles. Her papers include manuscripts in several stages with related correspondence.
(Ax 664)

Fuller, Ethel Romig (1883-1965)

Papers. 1924-1965. 3 ft.
Ethel Romig Fuller was the poetry editor of the Oregonian and in 1957 was appointed Poet Laureate of Oregon by Governor Robert D. Holmes. The papers include manuscripts, correspondence, and scrapbooks. See also the Blanch DeGood Lofton papers.
(A 650)

Gates, Doris (1901-1987)

Finding aid

Papers. 1936-1985. 27 ft.
Doris Gates taught at San Jose State College and the University of San Francisco in the 1940s and was an author and editor of children's books. Her papers include correspondence, manuscripts, editorial files from Ginn and Company, letters from children, audio tapes, and books.
(Coll. 180)

Gorman, Mary (b. 1908).

Papers. 1940-1965. 3 ft.
Mary Gorman Palmtag wrote romance and confession stories. The collection includes manuscripts, published items from True Confessions and Modern Romances, and correspondence.
(Ax 139)

Greenbie, Marjorie Barstow (1891-1976)

In Sydney Greenbie Papers. 1909-1968. 27 ft.
Marjorie Barstow Greenbie was a writer, historian, and feminist, who, with her husband, wrote My Dear Lady, the Story of Anna Ella Carroll (New York, 1940). The Sydney Greenbie Papers include Marjorie Greenbie's diaries, 1947-1954 (10 volumes) and her literary manuscripts, correspondence, research notes, scrapbooks, and photographs.
(Ax 567)

Grey, Marian Powys (1882-1972).

Papers. 2 folders.
Marian Powys Grey was a writer and an authority on handmade lace. The collection includes letters, seven manuscripts and a galley proof by John Cooper Powys, and a scrapbook of sixteenth to twentieth-century lace samples identified and described by Grey.
(A 162)

Glaser, Lillian Gerard.

Finding aid

In William and Lillian Glaser Papers. 1921-1963. 32 ft.
The Glasers specialized in printing color reproductions of illustrations for children's books, The collection includes correspondence, job-order files, manuscripts, art work, books printed by the Glasers, and some personal material.
(A 874)

Hall, Grace E. (Adams). (d. 1939)

Papers. 1892-1939. 3 ft.
Grace E. Hall was the poet-in-residence for the Portland Oregonian for twelve years. The papers include correspondence, manuscripts, tearsheets, photographs, and memorabilia.
(Ax 792)

Hamilton, Eloise (b. 1903)

Papers. 1948-1964. 1 box.
Eloise Hamilton was an Oregon poet and free-lance writer. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and photographs.
(Ax 235)

Helms, Marjorie Neill (1914-1973?).

Manuscript. 1958. 1 volume.
Marjorie Neill Helms wrote this history of the California and Oregon Coast Railway Company. The history includes photographs and sketches.
(F385 H369)

Henry, Vera (b. 1909).

Papers. 1949-1967. 1 box.
Vera Henry wrote for confession magazines and was an editorial associate with the Writer's Digest. The papers include manuscripts of short stories and correspondence with Edith Margolis of Lenniger Literary Agency.
(Ax 376)

Hobart, Alice Tisdale (1882-1967).

Finding aid

Papers. 1917-1967. 4 ft.
Alice Tisdale Hobart was a writer who was inspired by a trip to China in 1910 to write The Cup and the Sword, Innocent Dreamers, and Venture into Darkness. The papers include manuscripts, source material, first editions, and correspondence.
(Ax 197)

Holberg, Ruth Langland (1889-1984).

Finding aid

Papers. 1923-1972. 6 ft.
Ruth Holberg was an author of books for juveniles, a poet, and a painter. Her papers include manuscripts, research notes, correspondence, a 1923 diary of her European travels, an journal from the late 1920s and early 1930s, and photographs.
(Coll. 179)

Holstrom, Frances Johnson (1881-1956).

Papers. 1924-1956. 1 box.
Frances Holstrom taught school, wrote poetry for newspapers and magazines, and published three anthologies. The collection includes manuscripts of poems, an unpublished anthology, and scrapbooks of published pieces.
(Ax 492)

Hunt, Mary Vincent.

Manuscript. n.d. 309 pages.
The manuscript by Mary Vincent Hunt is of Night Song in Vegas.
(A 220)

Jackson, Jean.

Papers. 1953-1967. 1 box.
Jean Jackson writes confession stories. The collection includes manuscripts of confession stories and of a published article about how to make a confession story saleable, and correspondence with Edith Margolis of Lenniger Literary Agency.
(Ax 379)

Jones, Mary Alice Lange.

Papers. 1943-1977. 2.5 ft.
Mary Alice Jones writes romance and true-confession stories. The collection includes correspondence with Edith Margolis of Lenniger Literary Agency, manuscripts, college papers, account books, and memorabilia.
(Ax 344)

Joseph, Nannine (1890-1976).

Finding aid

Papers. 1930-1976. 10.5 ft.
Nannine Joseph was a literary agent who worked with Brandt and Brandt Literary Agency. The papers include correspondence with authors and clients, manuscripts, and collected photographs.
(Ax 821)

Kleihauer, Lois Dykeman (1907-1986).

Papers. 1944-1985. 1.75 cubic ft.
Lois Dykeman Kleihauer was an author and a poet. The papers include correspondence, manuscripts, published articles, financial material, and books.
(Coll. 143)

Knight, Ruth Adams (1894-1974)

Papers. 1938-1971. 7.5 ft.
Ruth Adams Knight was a writer who created her own radio series, "Brave Tomorrow," and wrote network programs. The collection includes manuscripts from all aspects of her writing career, correspondence, and published works.
(Ax 784)

Koehler, Irmengarde Eberle.

See Eberle, Irmengarde.

Krautter, Elisa Bialk (b. 1912).

Papers. 1947-1968. 4.5 ft.
Elisa Bialk Krautter was a journalist and author for juveniles and adults. The papers include manuscripts, correspondence, and fan letters from children.
(Ax 503)

Lampman, Evelyn Sibley (1907-1980).

Finding aid

Papers. 1948-1980. 7 cubic ft.
Evelyn Sibley Lampman was a writer for radio stations in Portland and author of children's books. Her papers include correspondence, manuscripts, illustrations, a scrapbook, and photographs.
(Coll. 11)

Lea, Fanny Heaslip (1883-1955).

Papers. 1912-1955. 1.5 cubic ft.
Fanny Heaslip Lea was a short story writer and journalist. Manuscripts include her book, Poison; also included are correspondence and memorabilia.
(Coll. 22)

Lee, Borghild Lundberg (b. 1892).

Papers. 1908-1975. 1.5 ft.
This Norwegian-born author moved to Portland in 1924. Her papers include manuscripts, published poems, poems by others, correspondence, and photographs. There is one letter from Edna St. Vincent Millay.
(Ax 530)

Lenniger Literary Agency

Finding aid

Records. 1926-1978. 67 ft.
The records of the Lenniger Literary Agency contain the correspondence of August Lenniger, the agency's founder, and of Edith Margolis. Company ledgers are also included.

Levinger, Elma Ehrlich (1887-1958).

Finding aid

Papers. 1912-1958. 1.5 ft.
Elma Ehrlich Levinger was the wife of Lee Joseph Levinger (Ax 310). She wrote plays, novels, poems, and short stories, most of them related to or based on Jewish history and folklore. The collection contains manuscripts of her work.
(Ax 309)

Littell, Anita Damrosch.

In Robert Littell Papers. 1901-1963. 8 ft.
The Robert Littell Papers include letters that Anita Littell wrote to the Littell and Damrosch families from Europe, 1949 to 1963.
(Ax 400)

Lofton, Blanche De Good (1885-1971).

Papers. 1938-1963. 4 ft.
Blanche De Good Lofton was an Oregon poet and author of nonfiction articles. The collection includes manuscripts, scrapbooks of published pieces, copies of her books, and correspondence with Ethel Romig Fuller.
(Ax 282).

Loftus, Jean.

See Waldo, Mary Jane (Journalist and Author).

Lovelace, Maud Hart (1892-1980).

Papers. 1950-1952. 1 folder.
This collection contains illustrations by Vera Neville and Eloise Wilkin for two books in the Betsy-Tacy series by Maud Hart Lovelace.
(Ax 849)

Lull, Peg Bracken.

See Waldo, Mary Jane (Author and Journalist).

Lynch, Margaret Frances "Peg" (b. 1916).

Finding aid

Papers. 1944-1976. 46.5 cubic ft.
Margaret Frances Lynch was an author who wrote for television and radio and an actress. The collection includes radio and television scripts for "Ethel and Albert" and "The Couple Next Door," which she created and starred in with Alan Bunce. There is also material relating to the Radio Writers Guild, 1950 to 1952.
(Coll. 66).

McCall, Virginia Nielsen (b. 1909).

Papers. 1935-1979. 9 ft.
Virginia McCall Nielsen was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho and educated at the University of Idaho and the University of California, Berkeley. She became an author of romantic and confession stories. The papers include manuscripts of 6 novels and 5 short stories. Correspondence is with writers, publishers and agents.
(Ax 3348)

Machetanz, Sara Burleson (b. 1918).

Finding aid

Papers. 1954-1961. 1 folder.
Sara Burleson Machetanz was born in Johnson City, Tennessee and educated at East Tennessee State College. With her husband, Frederick, she has written books and produced films about Eskimo life in Alaska. The papers include minor manuscript fragments, and 40 letters and a diary written at Unalakleet, Alaska, 1954-1955, describing experiences in an Eskimo village.
(A 219)

MacLeod, Ruth D. (b. 1903).

Papers. 1953-1977. 8 ft.
Ruth D. MacLeod was born in Hanford, California, and educated at the Eugene Bible College, Eugene, Oregon and the University of California. She writes romance and true confession stories. The papers consist of manuscripts of 74 stories and correspondence with Edith Margolis of Lenniger Literary Agency, and publisher Julian Messner, Inc.
(Ax 349)

MacMillan, Eleanor (1889-1958).

Papers. 1902-1958. 1.25 cubic feet.
Eleanor MacMillan was a poet and critic who wrote for the Spectator (1924). Her poetry has been published in Oregon Business Woman, The Voice, and The Lariat at times under the pseudonyms of Etla Mack, Ted Mack, and June MacMillan Ordway. The collection includes manuscripts, reviews, scrapbooks, and memorabilia.
(Coll. 93)

McNulty, Faith.

Manuscripts. 1962-1963. 2 items.
This collection contains manuscripts of this writer's book, Wholly Cats (Bobbs-Merrill, 1962) and her story, "Collision in the City," (The New Yorker, August 3, 1963).
(A 201)

Margolis, Edith.

See Lenniger Literary Agency.

Martin, Faith McNulty.

See McNulty, Faith.

Martin, Lillie M. (1890-1975?)

Manuscripts. 1930-1950. 34 pieces.
Lillie Martin was a writer of short stories. The collection contains manuscripts of short stories written between 1930 and 1950.
(F813 M364)

Mirrlees, Hope.

See Bishop, Mrs. E. Harden (collector).

Moore, Agnes Randall.

See Plowhead, Ruth Gipson.

Moore, Lilian.

Papers. 1959-1968. 1.5 ft.
Lilian Moore was a children's author, a member of the Bureau of Educational Research of the New York City Board of Education, and a representative for Scholastic Book Service. The collection includes manuscripts, galley proofs, and published items.
(Ax 434)

Moore, Rosalie (b. 1910)

Finding aid

Papers. 1935-1970. 1.5 ft.
Rosalie Moore was a poet, playwright, and writer who helped found the Activist Group and wrote The Grasshopper's Man (New Haven, 1939). Her real name was Gertrude Elizabeth Moore. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and scrapbooks.
(Coll. 215)

Morrison, Dorothy.

Finding aid

Manuscripts. 1977-1979. 0.5 ft.
Dorothy Morrison is an author of historical works. The collection includes holograph revisions of Ladies Were Not Expected (Atheneum, 1977) and The Eagles and the Fort (Atheneum, 1979).
(Ax 872)

Mouche, Donine.

In McKee-Mouche Literary Agency Papers. 1948-1964. 4.5 ft.
The collection consists of correspondence of the McKee-Mouche Literary Agency, which was founded by Donine Mouche in partnership with Douglas McKee.
(Ax 870)

Neall, Hannah.

See Dun, Marie de Nervaud.

Nelson, Vera Joyce (b. 1903).

Papers. 1939-1974. 8 ft. Vera Joyce Nelson was an Oregon poet and an officer in the Verseweavers, a Portland, Oregon group. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and records of poetry organizations.
(Ax 662)

Norcross, Ellinor (1889-1972).

Poems. n.d. 2 folders.
Ellinor Norcross was an Oregon poet and a teacher. The collection contains manuscripts of published and unpublished poems.

Nourse, Mary Augusta.

Manuscripts. n.d. 3 items.
This collection contains manuscripts called: "Chinese Branch of Uncle Sam\'s Family," Heroes of Philippine Freedom," and "The Philippines."
(A 268)

Nye, Sarah Litsey.

Miscellaneous Papers. 1943-1961. 1 folder.
Sarah Litsey Nye was a writer. The papers include correspondence, notes, and two manuscripts, "A Path to the Water" and "The Lady."
(A 287)

Offord, Lenore Glen (b. 1905).

Papers. 1943-1959. 1 ft.
Lenore Glen Offord was a mystery writer and a critic. The collection includes research and unpublished manuscripts on the Botkin murder case of 1898.
(Ax 845)

Parrott, Katherine Ursula (b. 1902).

In Hugh O'Connor Papers. 1918-1967. 3 ft.
Katherine Ursula Parrott was an author. The Hugh O'Connor Papers contain 470 letters from Parrott to O'Connor written between 1928 and 1939.

Phelps, Naomi.

Finding aid

Papers. n.d. 2 ft.
The Naomi Phelps papers include manuscripts of published and unpublished poems, research notes about Idaho and a pamphlet, Briar Pipes (New York, 1935).
(Ax 222)

Pruitt, Glenna.

Letters. 1963-1964. 17 letters.
This collections contains acquaintances' recollections about Senator Robert B. Duncan which were solicited by Glenna Pruitt for a biography.
(A 257)

Robbins, Kate L. (b. 1834).

Finding aid

Letters. 1855-1886. 99 letters.
Kate L. Robbins was a pioneer. One series of her letters describes a sea journey and life at Indian Creek, California. Another series, from 1869 to 1886, describes living conditions in Ochoco and Prineville, Oregon.

Ross, Annette Laslett.

Selected Papers. 1963-1968. 1 box.
The papers of Annette Laslett Ross contain manuscripts and related material of two cookbooks co-authored with Jean Adams Disney.
(Ax 747)

Rutland, Eva Elsie (Neal) (b. 1917).

Papers. 1949-1979. 0.75 ft.
Eva Elsie Rutland wrote The Trouble with Being a Mama (Abingdon Press, 1964) about life as a wife and mother of four in a middle class black family. The collection includes correspondence manuscripts, reviews, and memorabilia.
(Coll. 63)

Ryan, Queene B. Lister (1891-1973).

Papers. 1927-1956. 1 box.
This collection contains manuscripts and correspondence by this Oregon poet who published under the name Queen B. Lister.
(Ax 231)

Scherf, Margaret (1908-1979).

Finding aid

Papers. 1967-1972. 1.5 ft.
Margaret Scherf wrote mystery and detective stories. The collection includes correspondence with Isabelle Taylor and manuscripts.
(Ax 666)

Seely, Nell (1878-1968).

Papers. 1939-1965. 5 ft.
Nell Seely was an Oregon resident and composer of "Blue Night" (New York, 1944). The collection includes correspondence, music manuscripts, and music notebooks.
(Ax 585)

Shackleford, Shelby (b. 1899).

Papers. 1936-1943. 2 ft.
Shelby Shackleford was an author and illustrator of works on natural history. The papers include manuscripts, correspondence, and original artwork.
(Ax 777)

Stevenson, Janet (Marshall) (b. 1913).

Finding aid

Papers. 1929-1978. 7.5 ft.
Janet Marshall Stevenson was a writer, playwright and lecturer at West Coast colleges. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, political writings, and documents about her dismissal from the University of Southern California faculty in 1952.
(Ax 265)

Strong, Barbara Nolen (b. 1902).

Papers. 1965-1974. 3 ft.
A literary editor of Story Parade, Barbara Nolen Strong also wrote books about Africa and Mexico. The collection includes manuscripts written or edited by Strong and issues of Story Parade, 1937 to 1954 (incomplete).

Sutherland, Martha Corson (b. 1936).

Papers. 1966-1967. 2 folders.
Martha Corson Sutherland is a romance novelist. The collection contains manuscripts of her romances and correspondence with Edith Margolis of Lenniger Literary Agency.
(Ax 546)

Triem, Eve.

See Fortner, Ethel Nestell.

Trimble, Jacquelyn Whitney (b. 1927).

Papers. 1958-1976. 3 ft.
Jacquelyn Whitney Trimble writes mystery stories. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, travel journals and literary journals.
(Ax 669)

Walden, Amelia Elizabeth (b. 1909).

Finding aid

Papers. 1954-1977. 1.5 cubic ft.
Amelia E. Walden taught English and drama from 1929 to 1945, and has written over 40 young-adult novels. The collection includes manuscripts and galley proofs, page proofs, and production information and a copy of Heartbreak Tennis (Westminster Press, 1977).
(Coll. 54)

Waldo, Mary Jane (1915-1967).

Papers. 1948-1965. 3 ft.
Waldo wrote for the Portland Oregonian as well as romance and confession stories. The collection includes manuscripts, poems, manuscripts by Peg Bracken Lull and Jean Loftus, and correspondence.
(Ax 427)

Way, Isabel Stewart (b. 1904).

Papers. 1931-1973. 4.5 ft.
Isabel Stewart Way wrote short stories and novels. The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, and published books.
(Ax 371)

Wells, Evelyn.

Papers. 1932-1978. 1.5 ft.
Evelyn Wells was a ghostwriter for Carlos P. Romulo, Philippine president and right-wing military advisor to the United States, among others. The collection includes correspondence and manuscripts.
(Ax 835)

Werner, Vivian Lescher (b. 1921).

Finding aid

Papers. 1961-1975. 1.5 ft.
Vivian Lescher Werner was a free-lance writer for juveniles. The collection contains manuscripts and correspondence.
(Ax 641)

Whiteley, Opal Stanley (b. 1897).

Finding aid

Papers. 1911-1922. 2.5 ft.
Opal Stanley Whitely was an amateur naturalist who attended the University of Oregon from 1916 to 1918. Her family moved to Walden, Oregon around the time Opal Whiteley turned six years old. It was in Walden at around the age of six that she purportedly wrote her controversial nature diary. She also wrote a collection of lectures on nature called The Fairyland Around Us (Los Angeles, 1918). The collection consists of photographs, correspondence, class notes, personal notes and memoranda, material relating to her Christian Endeavor work, collected printed matter, and books.
(Ax 97)

Winston, Clara (1921-1983).

In the Richard and Clara Winston Papers. 1967-1978. 4.5 ft.
Clara and Richard Winston were professional translators, who translated mainly from German. The collection includes manuscript translations from German, Dutch, and French as well as outlines, proofs, and revisions.
(Ax 672)

Woodman, Ruth Cornwall (1895-1970).

Finding aid

Papers. 1914-1969. 12 ft.
Ruth Cornwall Woodman was the author of scripts for "Death Valley Days." The collection includes correspondence, manuscripts, radio and television scripts of "Death Valley Days," and research material for a history of the Pacific Coast Borax Company.
(Ax 690)

Wylie, Elinor.

See Bishop, Mrs. E. Harden (collector).

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[Identification of item], Date (if known), Collection Title, Collection Number, Box and Folder number [or photo ID number], Special Collections & University Archives, University of Oregon Libraries, Eugene, Oregon.

Mission | Special Collections & University Archives

Special Collections and University Archives is the primary repository for the University of Oregon’s archives, rare books, historic photographs, and one of the largest historical manuscripts collections in the Pacific Northwest. Our mission is to acquire, preserve, and make available a clearly defined set of primary sources and rare books, reflecting the written, visual, and audio history and culture of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and selected aspects of American and world history. Our diverse collections support all types of research, from K–12 education to international scholarship. We strive to play an active and creative role in the teaching, research, and service missions of the University.

Historical Collection Strengths

  • Oregon history, politics, culture
  • Authors and illustrators of children’s books
  • The conservative and libertarian movement in the last half of the twentieth century
  • Popular literature, with an emphasis on Western fiction
  • Missionaries to foreign countries, especially in the Far East
  • Labor History
  • Journalism and Communications
  • Photographs of the Northwest, including the Major Lee Moorhouse and Angelus Studio collections
  • Environmental history
  • Northwest literature, including fiction by Ken Kesey, Damon Knight, Kate Wilhelm, Ursula K. Le Guin, Molly Gloss, and William Stafford
  • Doris Ulmann photograph archives of Appalachia
  • Utopian and intentional communities
  • Northwest architecture
  • Northwest economic history
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