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Python Workshop (Carpentries Edition)

Software: Python , Anaconda Distribution
Duration: Eight 90 minute sessions


Online workshops are offered via Zoom. In-person workshops may be held in Knight Library 267b, the Knight Library DREAM Lab workshop space, or the PSC Viz Lab.

Who should take this workshop: Anyone who needs to clean, analyze, or visualize quantitative data and is interested in doing so using a free programming language. This course is intended for absolute beginners or anyone wanting to review the basics. This series lays the foundation for attendees to understand Python code and begin writing scripts that apply to their work. We have scheduled an hour and a half per session over eight sessions in order to allow for questions, but most sessions will last about an hour.
  • Comfortable installing and exploring new software
  • Able to write one- and two-lines of code in any language (or up for something new)
  • Before class, follow the set-up instructions at Software Carpentry.
  • If you wish to join the sequence after the first class, please review the material in the earlier sessions at Software Carpentries.
Skills Taught / Learning Outcomes:
  • Data types
  • Creating variables
  • Using functions
  • Processing tabular data
  • Visualizing Tabular Data
  • Storing Multiple Values in Lists
  • Repeating Actions with Loops
  • Analyzing Data from Multiple Files
  • If statements
  • Creating Functions
Class Materials:

Carpentries Curriculum

Download Anaconda

Download Python

Download the dataset used for the workshop

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Additional Free Training Materials:

Python for Everybody - a free textbook PDF available for download.

Python for Everybody playlist - a YouTube playlist that goes along with the Python for Everybody Coursera course and the Python for Everybody textbook.

Codecademy - a free introduction to Python; can be paid for as well for a certificate of completion.

Programming in Python for Data Science - an interactive Python workshop from the University of British Columbia. Great to go through if you miss a session.

Additional Training Materials:  

Workshop classrooms are wheelchair accessible and include at least some chairs without arms.

If you use a screen reader, see this introduction to programming in Python while blind. While this class is taught using Jupyter Notebooks, students can easily participate in the course using Python from the terminal or another Python IDE.