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Copyright & Fair Use

Software: No software required, but it helps to have access to a computer to search for possible digital assets to add to a digital project.
Duration: 90 minutes

Room description:

Varies. Often held in the Knight Library DREAM Lab workshop space


There are no prerequisite requirements for this workshop, however there are pre-workshop assigned learning materials to help participants learn about the basics of copyright, fair use, and creative commons. This workshop is most relevant if participants have a digital project planned or in progress.

Skills Taught / Learning Outcomes:
  • Discuss copyright, fair use, public domain, and creative commons licensing.
  • Find, select, and download digital media (photos, videos, or audio) that is either in the public domain or with a creative commons license that can be used in a digital project
  • Use the four factors to evaluate fair use of a digital asset and document evaluation
  • Select a creative commons license for original work, and give attribution to creators of other works like datasets, images, video, and audio media
Class Materials:

Creative Commons Licensing & Fair Use for Digital Projects Research Guide

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