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Introduction to R

Are you interested in using R and RStudio but unsure where to start? This workshop is for you!

Our R workshops will introduce you to the fundamentals of using R. This course is intended for absolute beginners or anyone wanting to review the basics. Each session will be an hour and a half per and follow the schedule below.

These R workshops will follow one of two Software Carpentries curricula: Programming with R or R for Reproducible Scientific Analysis. Both are suitable for beginners hoping to use R for data analysis across a broad range of subject areas, and both offer a broad introduction to R. However, as their titles suggest, they focus on slightly different skills and goals. When we post classes, we will always offer a link to the Software Carpentries curricula we are using. The material at these links has the entire lesson plan for each session, including all of the code we will cover. If you are unsure whether a workshop is for you, feel free to explore this curricula and also to reach out to us at with any questions.

If no upcoming events are listed for this class sequence below, you can search for related classes on our workshop schedule page.

Introduction to R Workshop Series

Software: R, RStudio
Duration: Eight 90 minute sessions


Online workshops are offered via Zoom. In-person workshops may be held in Knight Library 267b, the Knight Library DREAM Lab workshop space, or the PSC Viz Lab.

Who should take this workshop: Anyone who needs to clean, analyze, or visualize quantitative data and is interested in doing so using a free programming language.
  • Comfortable installing and exploring new software
  • Able to write one- and two-lines of code in any language (or up for something new)
  • Before class, please
    • If you can, install R and RStudio on your laptop prior to class: if you need help, attend an Install Night. Otherwise you can use a library laptop.
    • Create an account
  • If you wish to join the sequence after the first class, please review the material in the earlier sessions at the ADD LINK
Skills Taught / Learning Outcomes:

Introduction to R purpose is to introduce the single most important idea in programming: how to solve problems by building functions. Through this workshop, you will obtain a usable mental model of how programs run and understand how function calls work. More specifically, you will engage in:

- Cleaning and manipulating data in R

- Analyzing data

- Plotting the results 

Class Materials:

Carpentry Curriculum

Related Classes:


Additional Training Materials:

Download R

Download R studio

Download the dataset used for the workshop

R for the rest of us - (Before workshop or for review) This free workshop from R for the rest of us is a great orientation to how to install and think about using R.

R Open Labs - (If you missed the class or want to view similar material) This free asynchronous R workshop series from UNC covers similar material to what we cover.

R for Data Science - a free textbook on R.


Workshop classrooms are wheelchair accessible and include at least some chairs without arms.

Base R is accessible to screen readers without modification, according to this linked report. While this class is taught using RStudio, which will not have an interface accessible to screen readers until some time in 2020, students can easily participate in the course using the screen reader-compatible base R.