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Photographs in Special Collections & University Archives

Special Collections contains approximately half a million photographic images in its collections. Most photograph collections are not listed in the UO Libraries' online catalog, and many relate to manuscript collections.

Select Historic Photograph Collections

  • Clarence Andrews (1862-1948) Digital images
    Prints, albums and negatives from Alaska (1890s-1900s), 1,200 images. Collection unprocessed and unavailable for use.
  • Roy Andrews (1902-1955) Finding aid / Digital images
    Albums and negatives depicting schools in Lane County, Oregon (1911-1912), 220 images. 
  • Stereograph Collection (1862-1909)  Finding aid
    A collection of 142 stereographs by known and anonymous photographers.  
  • Angelus Studio Photographs (1880-1940) Finding aid/ Digital images
    The Angelus Studio was a commercial entity operating out of Portland from the 1880's-1940's.  Collection provides exceptional documentation of the city of Portland, Oregon landmarks, the Lewis and Clark exposition of 1905, and early industry including fisheries, timber, and agriculture.  
  • William H. Burton (1890-1964) 
    549 negatives and 2 albums of University of Oregon, Newport coast, and New York City, 1912-1915. Collection unprocessed and unavailable for use.  
  • Brice P. Disque (1899-1957) Finding aid

    Disque was the army officer in charge of the Spruce Production Division of the Bureau of Aircraft Production. The photographic component of the collection includes nine albums and some loose images. Eight of the albums are official U.S. Army documentation of the spruce production effort.  A ninth album holds snapshots of a cavalry encampment in Ohio in 1912. Miscellaneous images include spruce production, inmate recreation and general scenes of Jackson Prison, and scenes related to Disque's later life.

  • June D. Drake (1880-1969) Finding aid 
    Collection comprises 28 mounted prints of photographs of the town and people of Silverton, Oregon, c. 1905-1915.

  • Eugene Print Collection Finding aid
    200 historic images of the Eugene vicinity from 1880-1960.
  • James T. Gray (1867-1928) 
    Prints and negatives, of Alaska and Oregon rivers (1902-1912), 250 images.  Collection unprocessed and unavailable for use.
  • Joseph Lane (1801-1881) Finding aid
    Vintage images related to the Oregon governor, 8 images.
  • Historic Print CollectionFinding aid
    Vintage prints assembled from a variety of sources organized according to format type. Subjects include architecture; local history; landscape; logging, shipping and railroads; and portraits.
  • William J. Smith Finding aid
    Images, mostly stereo, of the town of Detroit, Oregon, and logging operations (1898-1983), 67 images.
  • Doris Ulmann:  Finding aid / Digital images 
    Vintage prints, proof prints and glass-plate negatives featuring portraits of eminent literary figures, craftspeople and farmers from Appalachia and the Georgia Sea Islands (1920s-1934), 9,000 images.
  • Gertrude Bass Warner: Finding aid / Digital images 
    Approximately 5,500 hand-tinted lantern slides of art and culture of China, Japan, Korea and Cambodia from 1904 to 1929.