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Photographs in Special Collections & University Archives

Special Collections contains approximately half a million photographic images in its collections. Most photograph collections are not listed in the UO Libraries' online catalog, and many relate to manuscript collections.

Contemporary Photography Collections

In addition to extensive historical collections, we acquire contemporary and recent photographic works, particularly those documenting landscape, ecology or alternative communities. 

Many of our collections are unprocessed.  Please fill out form to express your interest in an unprocessed collection.  Please contact us if you are looking for a particular image.

John Adair   Finding aid / Digital Images
John Adair is a photographer and visual storyteller. His work has been featured in the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art and published in Denali Magazine, Scribendi, and The Pitch KC. This collection consists of 350 original digital images and a selection of 10 images printed from the digital collection. The images feature documentary photography of the 2020-2021 Black Lives Matter protests and marches in Eugene, Oregon following the murder of George Floyd.  PH 397

Ray Atkeson (1907-1990) 
Best known for his wilderness images, Ray Atkeson was named Photographer Laureate of Oregon. Images document the landscape of the West and its mountains over four decades. His striking black and white images of skiers and alpine environments garnered him international attention. Digital surrogates of his work can be seen here.  Collection unprocessed and currently unavailable for use. PH281.

John Bauguess (1943-2020) Finding aid/ Digital Images
Social documentarian whose work includes images of Eugene's "Urban Renewal" during the 1970's, and the impact it had on downtown businesses and communities.  Bauguess also photographed for Barry Lopez's book project on wolves.  Limited number of images available via Oregon Digital. PH338

James Cloutier​ (1938-)  Finding aid / Digital Images

James Cloutier is a native Oregonian artist and photographer who studied art at the University of Oregon in 1958.  The images within the collection are of the people of the small town of Alpine and the Alpine Tavern, from his 1977 book. 72 matted prints.  PH263

Tee Corinne (1943-2006) Finding aid
Collection of noted photographer and lesbian activist Tee Corinne, including original artwork, photographs, and writing. Coll 263

Bernard Freemesser (1926-1977)
Noted Oregon landscape photographer and former teacher of photography at the University of Oregon. 819 negatives, 27 transparencies, 75 prints. Collection unprocessed and currently unavailable for use.  PH302

Gregory Gorfkle (1951-) 
Two prints from his slit-scan 360-degree panoramic camera, "Ecola Wave, 1989" and "Point of Arches, 2001." For more information about the artist, see Collection unprocessed and currently unavailable for use. PH312

Zig Jackson  (1957-) Finding aid/ Digital Images
Zig Jackson (b.1957- ) is a Native artist and photographer who grew up on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in North Dakota. An enrolled member of the Three Affiliated Tribes—Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara, Jackson currently teaches at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia. His work has been widely exhibited and published. This collection (1990-2009) contains 89 black and white prints taken at Indian reservations and other regions across the United States. The collection consists of photographic prints taken during 1990-2009. Jackson’s work includes portraiture and documentary photography depicting traditional indigenous culture. Images feature snapshots of contemporary Native American communities and events, and offer commentary on Indian identity, land rights, sovereignty, representation, and tribal traditions. Prints show Native American ceremonies, Indian reservations, sacred sites, lodges, monuments, tourism, souvenir booths, food stands, road signs, government buildings, and urban areas.

Grayson Mathews (1949-2007) Finding aidDigital Images
Prints of landscapes and agriculture in the Klamath Falls area and California, rodeo images from the 1970s, and pictures from Western highways. Limited number of images available via Oregon Digital.  PH349

Robbie McClaran (1955-) Finding aid
Prints from his 1996 exhibit and book Angry White Men, a powerful series of portraits of reactionary Americans including religious leaders and bomber Timothy McVey. For more information about the artist, see  PH311

Jacqueline Moreau (1948-)  Finding aid
Moreau documented the lives of Native American fishing families struggling to retain their ancestral rights to fish along the mid-Columbia River.  The intent of her work was to expand public awareness of Native American groups whose lives depend on salmon, and the cultural, economic, and religious significance of the Columbia River.  The Jacqueline Moreau papers are an equal mixture of manuscript materials and photographs, with the manuscript materials giving historical context and descriptive information to the photographs. Coll 459

Patricia J. Harris Noyes (1921-2010)
Patricia Noyes was both a pioneer in photomicrography and a graduate of the California School of Fine Arts where she studied under Ansel Adams, Minor White, Imogen Cunningham and Edward Weston. Her scientific work illustrated many treatises on cellular growth, and her fine art work is in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Noyes was an active advocate for local wilderness and conservation issues. The collection consists of her fine art negatives and prints, selected photomicrography work, some documentation, and slides of the Northwest by her second husband, Richard M. Noyes (1919-1979). Collection unprocessed and currently unavailable for use.  PH324

Pamela J Peters Finding aid / Digital Images

Pamela J. Peters is a Diné multimedia artist specializing in filmmaking, photography, and multimedia documentaries. Now living in Los Angeles California, Peters was born in Shiprock, New Mexico on the Navajo (Diné) Nation. She uses her Diné first clan, Tátchii’nii clan (Red Running into the Water) to identify her photography work. Peters’ defines her multimedia work as “Indigenous Realism,” using a socially conscious approach to explore, reimagine, and present the diverse lives of contemporary Native Americans/American Indians.

The Pamela J. Peters photograph collection consists of documentary photographic prints taken during the 2016 protests of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) construction across the northern United States. Approved construction for DAPL resulted in the pipeline running through the Standing Rock Reservation of the Great Sioux Nation (Očhéthi Šakówiŋ), a Native American reservation located across the North and South Dakota borders.

Dan Powell (1950-) Finding aid / Digital images 
Prints from Powell's extraordinary series of lyrical and yet stark images of western US landscapes, and series from his many artistic explorations such as The Letter, Of Myth and Legend, Chart of Brief Forms. Powell is an emeritus professor of photography at the University of Oregon. 

Shawn Records (1971-)  Finding aid
Portland-based artist and photographer who documented the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge Portfolio led by Ammon Bundy in 2016. Portfolio consists of 25 archival inkjet prints. PH365

Gerald H. Robinson (1927-2014)
Gerry Robinson is a noted Portland attorney as well as an active photographer and teacher. He was a member of Group 15 and a founder of the Friends of Photography. The collection includes fine art prints by Robinson and his friends, and portraits of artists including Minor White, Ruth Bernhard, Laverne Kraus, Louis Bunce, and others.  Collection unprocessed and currently unavailable for use.  PH264

Larry Smith (?-1999)
Landscapes, still lifes, people, structures and objects, dating from the late 1930s-1990s. Smith was active in the Oregon Camera Club and Group 15 and a close friend of Minor White. The collection also includes portraits of fellow photographers Ray Atkeson, Brett Weston, Minor White, Gerald H. Robinson, and Ansel Adams. Collection unprocessed and currently unavailable for use. PH257