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How to connect ORCID with SciENcv for NIH Biosketch

Adding your ORCID to a Biosketch

You can use ORCID to easily add your educational information, grant funding information, and relevant publications to individual biosketches in ScienCV. To do so use the following directions:

  1. On the My NCBI main page, scroll down to find SciENcv at the bottom right. If you haven't used SciENcv before, it will be a small box that gives you a link to create a profile. If you've used it before, it will show links to biosketches you've already created. Click to create a profile or on "Manage SciENcv" and then on "Create A New Profile."
  2. Click on the tab for "From an external source."
  3.  Fill in the form:
    1. Give your biosketch a name.
    2. Select type of profile.
    3. Choose ORCID from the "external source" dropdown menu.
    4. Click on "Create"
  4.  It will automatically pull from ORCID to populate your new biosketch. This may take a couple of minutes.
  5. Scroll down to find the section on Peer-reviewed publications or References - the name of the section will be different for different Biosketch Formats
  6. Click on "edit this section" or "Show/hide entries." Then click on the ORCID tab. Select the articles you want displayed in this biosketch. You will also have the option of selecting from your My Bibliography as well. Once you have checked the ones you want, click on "Done."
  7. The articles you selected should then appear in Section C. You can edit what appears there using the "Show/hide entries" option.
  8. You can also add funding from ORCID to Section D. Click on "edit this section" or "Show/hide entries."  ORCID should appear as a tab and allow you to add funding sources included in your ORCID profile.