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Linking ORCID to MY NCBI Bibliography

You can also link your ORCID iD to you NCBI bibliography so that your publications are automatically synced. This will allow you to add publications to your ScienCV biosketches from a single source. However, this option may only be useful for researchers that already use NCBI my bibliography or have publications indexed in PubMed.

  1. Go to (or to PubMed). You will see "Sign in to NCBI" on the top right corner. Select a method to sign in. If you don't have an NCBI Account, register for one.
  2. If you sign in directly to NCBI, you will see your username on the top right corner. Click on your username.
  3. Use the Change button under Linked Accounts to add your ORCID account.
  4. Click on "Change" and then search for ORCID. Select it, enter your ORCID username and password, and authorize it. Then you should see your ORCID account listed in your Linked Accounts.
  5. Log out of NCBI.
  6. Log back into NCBI but use your ORCID account to do so. From the "Sign In" page, click on "See more 3rd party sign in options." Search for ORCID in the list. Click on ORCID and it will take you to ORCID. Select, "Sign In. Enter your ORCID email and password.
  7. Then you will be directed back to your NCBI account.

This section was adapted from Stony Brook University Libraries' "Creating and Using Your ORCID Profile: Linking to NIH/NSF Biosketches" licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.