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If you've never created an ORCiD ID, click on the single sign-on link, and choose University of Oregon. Follow theorcid id logo steps to create an ID after logging in.


If you previously created an ORCiD account and ID, you will be prompted to link your account to the University of Oregon. Enter the email and password you used to create the account to link it to the University of Oregon.


On campus, your contact for more information is your subject specialist.

Or you can communicate directly with ORCiD.

"I think I used to have an ORCID, but it's been forever since I've signed in..."

Hey, we get it. Maybe you signed up for an ORCID years ago. Maybe you had to sign up to submit something somewhere and haven't signed in since. Maybe you've moved to another institution and can't remember your ORCID credentials, or maybe you can't even remember for sure if you have an ORCID at all!