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Pacific NW Environmental History & Governance

Provides information on finding environmental history and management, including many primary (government) sources, such as Environmental Impact Statements and the Northwest Forest Plan.

Tools for finding EIS

EIS may be searched using LibrarySearch and the Catalog of U.S. Government Publications.

  • In each case, using a keyword search combining environmental impact statements and other keywords (such as geographic names) is a useful approach.
  • Each has limitations, however. Not all of our holdings are cataloged, and we get a number of regional EIS that are not included in the GPO database. 
  • Searching Worldcat will return results from the UO Libraries collections, Summit, and libraries worldwide. Items not held locally can be requested through InterLibrary Loan, but for older (pre-1996) materials users should consult with a librarian to see if we have an uncataloged copy before requesting.

Major EIS Collections in Knight Library Documents

There are a number of government agencies that routinely produce environmental impact statements. The UO Libraries uses the Superintendent of Documents (Sudoc) numbering system for shelving federal documents in the collection. This system collocates all publications of a given agency together on the shelf. Within an agency, documents of a given type are generally shelved together, so that EIS of a particular agency are together on the shelf, although separate from all other agencies' EIS. Here is a list of the major collections of environmental impact statements in our federal documents collection:

A 13.92: Forest Service

Draft EIS are classed under A 13.92/2:

Final EIS are under A 13.92:

Within each class, EIS are alphabetical by keyword in title.

I 1.98: Dept. of the Interior (various agencies)

All Interior department agencies' EIS, including BLM, are shelved here.

Draft and Final EIS shelved together.

Within each class, EIS are alphabetical by keyword in title. Some older EIS may be filed under the individual agency (e.g. I 53.19 for BLM)

E 1.20: Dept. of Energy

DOE includes BPA and many nuclear energy-related EIS.

Draft and Final EIS shelved together.

Arranged by DOE EIS number (draft EIS indicated by -D after the number)

Some BPA EIS may be under the agency's own class (E 5.2:)

D 103.62: Army Corps of Engineers

Draft and Final EIS shelved together

Within each class, EIS are alphabetical by keyword in title.

While these are our largest EIS collections, be aware that many other agencies produce EIS as well. Some EIS may be in microfiche. Within the state government, the Oregon Dept. of Transportation is the largest producer of EIS.