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Common Reading 2022-23: Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants

"What does it mean to be the people of the seventh fire, to walk back along the ancestral road and pick up what was left behind? How do we recognize what we should reclaim and what is dangerous refuse? What is truly medicine for the living earth and what is a drug of deception? None of us can recognize every piece, let alone carry it all. We need each other, to take a song, a word, a story, a tool, a ceremony and put it in our bundles. Not for ourselves, but for the ones yet to be born, for all our relations. Collectively, we assemble from the wisdom of the past a vision for the future, a worldview shaped by mutual flourishing."

Braiding Sweetgrass, Shkitagen: People of the Seventh Fire (p. 371).

Federally Recognized Tribes of Oregon

Territories Map via Native Land

Map of Territories from Native Land

There are nine Federally Recognized Tribes of Oregon. The following are links to each tribe's website. There are over 40 additional tribes across multiple states that are recognized as Native American tribes that had traditional and customary tribal boundaries in parts of the state of Oregon or that ceded or reserved lands within the state of Oregon. A full list can be found on the UO's Residence Classification for Members of Oregon Tribes webpage:

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