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A preliminary guide to resources of interest.

Creating Your Profile

Create your ORCiD

  1. Go to the institutional signin link and choose University of Oregon. This step requires less than a minute. 
  2. Add your information. Be sure to include variations of your name that you have published under. See instructions below to add info from ResearcherID in Web of Science or a Scopus ID, using wizards to link to those and import references for your publications.

Add works by direct import from other systems

Watch this short video about how to add works to your ORCID record using a Search & Link wizard

Many organizations have search and link tools that allow you to import information about publications and other works into your ORCID record. The linking process can begin on the ORCID site, or at the organization's website. Included in that extensive list are:

  • CrossRef Metadata Search: CrossRef Metadata Search allows you to search and add works by title or DOI. Once you have authorized the connection and are logged into ORCID, CrossRef search results include a button to add works to your ORCID record.

  • DataCite: DataCite allows you to find your research datasets, images, and other works. Recommended for locating works other than articles as well as works that can be found by DOI.

  • ISNI: ISNI allows you to link your ISNI record in the Other IDs section.

  • MLA International BibliographyMLA International Bibliography allows users to import books and articles from the Modern Language Association's database. Recommended for adding works in the humanities.

  • ResearcherID: Log into Web of Science and set up ORCID syncing on your profile. Recommended for adding multiple published articles to your ORCID record.

  • Scopus Author ID: Use this wizard to add your Scopus Author ID to your Other IDs section of your record and import works associated with your Scopus Author ID; see Manage My [Scopus] Author Profile for more information. Recommended for adding multiple published articles to your ORCID record.

More information

Distinguish yourself-- add your biography