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UO REU site guide: Increasing American Indian/Alaska Natives perspectives in field and experimental linguistics

Titles from Vine Deloria

"In 1969 Vine Deloria, Jr., in his controversial book Custer Died for Your Sins, criticized the anthropological community for its impersonal dissection of living Native American cultures. Twenty-five years later, anthropologists have become more sensitive to Native American concerns, and Indian people have become more active in fighting for accurate representations of their cultures." - Publisher description from Indians and Anthropologists

Books on Indigenous Research Methods

"Deloria’s critique of the social sciences and especially anthropology as disciplines that suppressed or denied Native interests under the guise of academic objectivity contributed to the creation of Native American and Indigenous Studies during the late-1960s and early ’70s as a field that explicitly centered Native voices." Read more from Link's book review:

Indigenous Research Methods