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Citation Management Software - Mendeley

Mendeley is a free desktop and cloud application that helps you manage your research.

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Citation Management Tools

Citation managers help you collect, organize, cite, and share research. Click on the links below for guidance on using these tools.

Learning Opportunities

For help learning these tools, contact an expert listed on the tool's guide or sign up for one of our workshops:

Getting help at UO Libraries with Mendeley

There are lots of ways to get help from Mendeley. In fact, We've Tweeted to them and received assistance! The Support Center (below) is probably the best place to start. Search for your question in the search bar or browse the recent and frequent help topics. 

Mendeley Experts in UO Libraries

Mendeley Advisor Community logo

You can contact us! Some UO Librarians are Mendeley Advisors! That means we are connected to a network of people across the globe who give Mendeley workshops and provide support to new users. Our contact information is listed in the profile boxes to the left (or at the top on mobile device).

Mendeley Advisors at UO Libraries
Name Email Schedule an Appointment
Annie Zeidman-Karpinski  (Chemistry & Human Physiology Librarian)
More Local Mendeley Experts at UO Libraries
Name Email Schedule an appointment
Katherine Donaldson (Education Librarian)
Dean Walton (Lorry I. Lokey Science & Technology Outreach Librarian)

Support Resources from Mendeley

Support from Mendeley

Major Citation Styles - Official and Credible Guidance

Official Style Manuals

There are many different types of academic and professional writing styles. The four guidebooks below represent some of the major ones. Use these guides to learn how professional researchers and writers prepare their manuscripts for publication or sharing.

Major Style Guides by Fields that Use Them -- Click the image to be taken to the book or eBook in our library collection.


Social Sciences Humanities & Social Sciences Some Sciences

MLA Handbook, 9th edition, book cover image

MLA Handbook

Cover Art

APA Manual

Cover Art

Chicago Manual

Cover Art

CSE Manual

Online Style Resources

Although these resources are not official, they are still credible and very useful! If one of these websites doesn't answer your question, check out the official style guide or contact a librarian for help!

UO Research Guides

These helpful guided from UO Libraries provide information on various citation styles.

Locating a Permalink for your Citations

Some citation styles require or suggest you include a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) or web address in your bibliography. If you copy the URL from your browser bar, it may not work for other people, especially if your information source is in a library database. Instead, it is preferable to use the a permanent link or "permalink" in your citation so that others can find the resource, even if they are off campus or attend a different university. 

Library Subscription Databases
  • In EBSCO databases, look for the Permalink option under Tools in the right sidebar. Once you click on it, a new bar will appear in the middle of your screen with a link that you can copy and paste.

Screenshot of Ebsco Permalink

  • In ProQuest databases, click the Abstract/Details tab and look for the Document URL.

Screen shot of ProQuest permalink called 'Document URL'


The library's catalog and search tool has a Permalink feature:

Link to this Item in Library Search with Permalink option

Government Publications

Government websites and documents often have a permalink called a pURL (Pronounced like "pearl"). PURLs provide stable URLs to online Federal information.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)

A DOI is an alternative to a permalink. Your citation style may call for you to include just the DOI name (E.g: DOI: 10.5555/12345678), or the DOI URL (E.g.: "the full DOI" or

Learn more about persistent links for library resources.

Connecting Your Scopus Author Profile

Add your Scopus Author ID so that Mendeley can search for previous publications. Go to, Settings, and Scopus Profile. If you do not have a Scopus Profile or if you find errors, visit the link below to make changes.

More Resources for UO Authors