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Persistent Links for Library Resources

This guide describes how to create stable links to electronic articles, electronic journals, and databases licensed by the UO Libraries.

What is a persistent link?

A persistent link is a URL for a specific article, ejournal or database that reliably connects users to the resource.   Persistent links may also be described as permalinks, stable links, durable links or bookmarks.   Using permalinks in Canvas, course web sites, or reading lists helps allows students to access articles and other materials available through the UO Libraries’ electronic subscriptions.

Copying an article’s URL from the address toolbar may not provide stable access to the article because it may be specific to your current online session in a database or ejournal. 

The process of creating a persistent link varies by resource or publisher/vendor.  Persistent links may not be available for all resources available through the library.  

Use the tabs to the left for instructions to create a persistent link for many of the vendors/publishers of the library’s licensed content.

Off-campus access to licensed content

Off-campus access to the library's licensed resources is limited to current UO students, faculty and staff.  To access the library's licensed content from off-campus, users must either be connected to campus virtual private network (VPN) or be authenticated through the library's proxy software. 

Persistent links may include the proxy information required to allow off-campus access, but always check the URL to insure that the proxy prepend is included. 

Adding proxy information (1) to a persistent URL(2):

  1. The proxy prepend URL:
  2. Persistent URL:

Proxied persistent link:

With the proxy prepend at the front of the persistent link, off-campus users will be able to login with their DuckID credentials for easy access.

Always test your links both on campus and off campus.

NOTE: LibrarySearch has been configured to automatically add the proxy information to the links for full text.   It is not necessary to add the proxy prepend information to the persistent link found in LibrarySearch.