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Citation Management Software - Mendeley

Mendeley is a free desktop and cloud application that helps you manage your research.

Mendeley Web Overview

Overview allows you to view and edit your Library in a layout that resembles the Reference Manager. It also offers much more. First, you should set up your profile. Click on Your Photo in the top right corner to edit your profile or account information. 

  • Use Search to find and add articles to your Library
  • Use Groups to find collaborators
  • Use Library to read and annotate the articles in your Collections


Next, note that anything you add to your Library on the Web interface will sync to your Mendeley Reference Manager and vice versa. Syncing happens automatically (if you are using Mendeley Desktop you can click the Sync button in Desktop at anytime). See the Creating Bibliographies page for more.

(Mendeley Desktop Users: Anytime you are updating citations details in Mendeley Web or Mendeley Desktop and also editing a Word Document, you can click Refresh in the References ribbon in MS Word to synchronize the changes). 

Install and Use the Web Importer

The Mendeley Web Importer is installed in your browser toolbar to easily save citations that you find online. Click the link below for more information.

How it works:

The Web Importer gathers citation information from your open tab or window and imports it directly to your Mendeley library. Tip: The best pages to use are from library catalogs, databas records, or journal websites open to the article details page.

Mendeley Web Importer

Using Firefox?

YouTube Videos on Installing the Web Importer for various browsers:

Permissions in the Firefox browser

To use the Firefox browser with the Mendeley web importer, you will need to adjust the setting. Go to your extensions, and click the three dots ... to expand the extension menu, select "Manage" as shown below: 

Screen capture of Firefox Extensions menu: Manage Your Extensions

Once you are in the Manage tab, you should ensure that you are allowing the Mendeley Extension to run in Private Mode.

Screen capture of the Mendeley Web Importer menu