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Call for Exhibition Proposals: Knight Library Tiny Galleries

How to Apply

Proposal Submission for this cycle closed June 4, 2024. If you are interested in this exhibition opportunity, you should visit the Tiny Galleries in advance (Knight Library Rooms 104, 111, 112), review our draft Curator Agreement, and submit a proposal packet using our online request form. In addition to general demographics, you should be prepared to submit:  

  1. An exhibition title and narrative that clearly describes your vision and discusses how the exhibit relates to your coursework or research at UO (250-500 words). If your project would help fulfill graduation or practicum requirements, we’ll also need to know that.  

  1. Optional: Supplemental material that supports your proposal application, e.g., letters of support from advisors or instructors, examples of previous installations or works. 

  2. Detailed diagrams of your proposed gallery installation demonstrating feasible use of the space and adherence to the restrictions and guidelines listed below.  

Several factors will influence the Implementation Team’s selection of installation proposals. A successful proposal considers the unique space and project restrictions and guidelines, and represents a creative installation that will engage, stimulate, and inform our audience.