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RAVE: Reality Augmentation and Virtual Experiences

Schedule Training

Schedule Training Session

After completing the Safety Quiz, the next step towards gaining access to the RAVE lab and in-room equipment, including the Valve Index and iPad Pro, is to schedule a ~30min training session. These appointments are limited to times that AR/VR experienced employees are available and are therefore subject to change or cancellation. The training session will go over the various resources we offer in the RAVE lab as well as how to make use of them. We will be focusing primarily on how to safely operate the Valve Index headset and access the available content on that device. Please note that to use the headset you must have or be willing to create a free Steam account. We request that you complete this ahead of time but we can also walk you through this process during the training if necessary. If you anticipate wanting to use the space after your training session you may go ahead and book the room for that time below. Please note that if you do not successfully complete the training, any bookings made in advance will be canceled. Download Steam

Important Note: The RAVE Lab is kept under lock and key to secure the equipment. After you complete training you will be permitted to check out the room key but before then you will need to be let into the room by a RAVE Lab employee. Upon arrival, please knock if the door is not already open. If no one answers, ask someone at the PSC front desk to assist.