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RAVE: Reality Augmentation and Virtual Experiences

In-Room Equipment Gallery

Valve Index

Varjo Aero

2021 iPad Pro

Foldio360 Turntable

27" Dell Gaming Monitor - 144hz

In-Room Equipment

Valve Index

The Valve Index virtual reality headset is one of the most advanced headsets on the market and is available for use in the RAVE Lab. In order to gain access to this headset you will need to complete the safety quiz, training, and book the room, details of which can be found under Access. For more information on the Valve Index visit their webpage.

Varjo Aero

The Varjo Aero virtual reality headset features professional grade resolution, an ultra-lightweight design, and eye tracking among its many features. The Varjo Aero is compatible with the Valve Index controllers so users can easily switch between the two systems. Only one training session with either headset is required to gain access to both systems, however, you are welcome to book a second training if preferred. Otherwise, please consult the instruction manuals for either headset located under "Documentation". For more information on the Varjo Aero please visit their webpage.

Display Monitors

The RAVE Lab features a large central viewing monitor that can easily display your virtual reality game play and be viewed comfortably from our in-lab seating. We also have two 27" 144hz gaming monitors mounted onto a portable workstation for individual user interaction.

Games and Software

  • You can purchase or play your own games through Steam VR, provided they are compatible with the Valve Index headset. Note that there are a variety of free to play games available that are excellent for new users. Additionally, if you or a friend has purchased a game through steam, you can enable family sharing for up to five other users who will then also have access to that game. Download Steam

  • There are also many applications that have built in VR compatibility. For instance, Unreal Engine and Unity are both game developing software that allow you to view your VR game content virtually. Blender also has a limited viewing option; however, they are currently working to enable in-headset creation.  

iPad Pro 2021

Our recently purchased iPad Pro is permanently mounted inside the RAVE lab and can be utilized in a variety of ways. Most notably, because of its built-in Lidar Scanner and the variety of 3D scanning applications downloaded onto the device, you can scan anything from a small object, face, or entire room. Additionally, you can use the iPad to easily access any of the RAVE lab training manuals, record yourself during a session, or connect to the Oculus Quest. For a list of all currently available apps please reference the iPad Pro guide found under documentation. To request additional content please fill out the content request form under Contact.  

Foldio360 Turntable 

The Foldio360 turntable is available for use in the RAVE lab and can be used in combination with the iPad Pro to create 3D scans or the Foldio3 photography kit available for checkout at the PSC front desk. For more information please visit the Foldio 360 product page.