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RAVE: Reality Augmentation and Virtual Experiences

Safety Information/Policies

Complete Safety Quiz

The first step towards gaining access to the RAVE lab and equipment is to complete the mandatory safety quiz which goes over our general use policies as well as potential hazards and will then briefly test your knowledge on this information. This quiz can be taken repeatedly until you have scored 100% on all three multiple-choice questions and is estimated to take five minutes to complete. Note that even if you make a booking, you will not be able to check out the room key without completing the safety quiz beforehand. Once completed you are permitted to schedule a training session to gain access to the RAVE lab and in-room equipment.

General Use Policies:

  1. No food or open drinks allowed within the lab. Closed beverages are permitted provided they are kept away from all AR, VR, and workstation equipment.
  2. The marked guardian boundary area must remain clear from obstructions at all times. For seated play, you may move outside the guardian boundary area. Additionally, the guardian boundary should only be moved to allow for seated play.
  3. All cords are to remain undisturbed unless granted permission from a PSC student employee to move or unplug them.
  4. Controller Straps must be worn and properly secured when in use.
  5. Device settings on the Valve Index, Oculus Quest, PC, and iPad Pro are to remain as they are unless you are granted permission from a PSC student employee to change them.
  6. All AR/VR equipment use is permitted exclusively for trained students and faculty who have successfully completed the Safety Test. 7. Up to three guests are permitted, however, the patron responsible for checking out the equipment and/or space is also responsible for all damages regardless of any third-party use.


  1. VR can cause temporary and/or long-lasting nausea, particularly for new users. To prevent and/or reduce symptoms:
    1. Check the comfort ratings when selecting a VR experience as indicated in the AR/VR lab game catalogue or through the Steam and Oculus stores.
    2. Eat/drink ginger and/or ginger ale to reduce feelings of nausea.
    3. Stay cool and hydrated by drinking lots of liquids and using the in-lab fan.
    4. Adjust game settings when possible to enable teleportation as an alternative to in-game movement.
    5. Acclimate yourself through slow and continued use of VR over the course of several weeks.
  2. If you are pregnant, have vision abnormalities, psychiatric disorders, suffer from a heart condition, or other serious medical condition you might be more sensitive to the flashing lights and sounds you may encounter in VR.
  3. While in use, the headsets will obstruct your vision so it is essential to keep your surroundings clear from any potential tripping hazards.