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US Latinx History Research Guide

A guide for patrons researching the history of U.S. Latinx communities at the UO Libraries.

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LibrarySearch offers a streamlined interface for finding books and other media that combines the collections of UO Libraries and Summit libraries.

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Selecting the Right Number of Keywords (Video Tutorial)

Check out the video from Kimbel Library to help you locate scholarly journal articles in library databases. 

The video is licensed under a Creative Commons (CC) BY-NC-ND 3.0 license:

Brainstorming Keywords (Infographic)

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You will need to use keywords to search for information online and in library resources. Follow this guidance to identify keywords that will be useful for searching.

Boolean Searching (Infographic)

Thanks to IUPUI University Library for allowing reuse of this graphic under a Creative Commons license.

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Choosing the Right Keywords Matters

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The keywords that you type into any search box makes a difference, especially when finding academic or scholarly work.

Why? For example:
  • Researchers and those in the field may use a subject-specific word.
  • Not everyone uses the same word to describe the same topic. Consider how many words there are for "job" and their slight meanings.
  1. Make Sure you Get it All
  2. Avoid Sensationalism
  3. Be Skeptical - Write Down Your Questions As You Read
  4. Choosing the Right Words for Academic Conversations
  5. Check Google or Wikipedia to learn what Terms Researchers use