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HIST 383: Soccer in Latin America (Aguirre)

A course guide to support learning about football, fútbol, futebol in Latin America

Finding Background Information

Tree icon from Noun ProjectLike the roots of a tree, background information is not always visible but it does play an important role in your research.

Starting research often means finding an overview of a topic, checking facts and data, checking dates of significant events, or looking up definitions of specialized terms. Reference books can give background information, including the scope of the topic area, noteworthy people, and statistics to help jumpstart your research.

If you use Wikipedia as a staring place, be sure to check out the "dos" and "do nots" listed further down on this page.

Background and Reference Resources

General Reference Resources

Use these to find historical information about Latin America in general.

Reference Resources for Latin America

Search and browse this bibliography to find citations to key books and articles on topics related to Latin America and soccer.

Tip: Using the Oxford Bibliographies on Latin America, look for the articles Football (Soccer) in Latin America and Sports in Latin America and the Caribbean. If you are off campus, it may help to connect to the campus network using the vpn.

Online Resources

Please note that if you are using Wikipedia, the various language sites may have articles on the same subject but the content of the articles may vary depending on how the page was created. Some articles are direct translations of articles from other Wikipedia language sites and some were created organically. I recommend reviewing the same article or topics in multiple languages.

Reference Books and General Histories for HIST 338

Below are reference books and general histories for HIST 338. This is not a comprehensive list, but a sample of some of what UO Libraries has to offer. Contact a Subject Specialist librarian for more.

Handbooks and Guides

General Histories

Topical Works

Historical and Social Context by Country

Below are just a few selections. See also the Step 3 subpage about Books for soccer-related books by country and contact the librarian for more help.



Using Wikipedia for Research (Infographic)

In addition to being a great place to start exploring an unfamiliar topic, Wikipedia is considered a tertiary source. Writers of tertiary sources synthesize information from secondary sources and strive to report them in a tone that is as unbiased and neutral as possible. 

Some tertiary sources are cited in academic research and others are not. This practice varies by discipline so contact your instructor or a librarian with questions!

Thanks to IUPUI University Library for allowing reuse of this graphic under a Creative Commons license.