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Integrating Canvas & Research Guides

This page shows how to integrate Research Guides content directly into Canvas.

Course Guides Automatically Embed into your Canvas Course

Embedded Course Guides in Canvas

When you look at your Canvas Course, you should see a "Library Research Help" button in the course's navigation pane. If a Research Guide already exists for your specific course or the overall discipline, that guide should be automatically linked to that button so students can access it from within Canvas.

If you don't see the Course Guide when you click the button, or you would like a new course guide developed for your class, please contact your Subject Librarian for assistance. Course Guides for UO Courses that are cross-listed or merged in Canvas can be embedded in Canvas as well.

In the screenshot of the Teacher view in Canvas (below), you will see the Writing 123 Course Guide embedded in its Course site in Canvas.

A screenshot of Canvas showing the course name highlighted in a callout box as well as the corresponding course guide showing up in the course's navigation under "Library Research Help"

All Research Guides from UO Libraries:

Embedding Subject (Discipline-Specific) or Other Guides

Embedded Subject Guides in Canvas

If a Course Guide does NOT exist, the system will default to the Subject Guide for your discipline (your department or college). If your course is cross-listed or if you would prefer a different Subject or Course Guide be embedded, please contact your Subject Librarian.

A screenshot of Canvas showing the Subject Guide for Spanish and Portuguese Literature embedded in a Spanish 344 course, and located in the course's navigation under "Library Research Help."

View all Subject Guides from UO Libraries:

When a Course and Subject Guide do not Exist

In the case that a Course Guide or Subject Guide does not exist (or has been set as unpublished or private by your Librarian), the system will default to the Getting Started with Research Guide. This guide provides an overview of the research process. Please click the link below to view this guide.

A screenshot of the "Getting Started with Research" guide found in the course's navigation under "Library Research Help," embedding in a Canvas site with no associated Canvas course or Subject.

What if I want a Different Guide to be Embedded?

For questions or assistance related to Library Research Guides, please contact your Subject Librarian directly.