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Integrating Canvas & Research Guides

This page shows how to integrate Research Guides content directly into Canvas.

Adding a Librarian to Canvas

Why should I add a Librarian to my course?

It's helpful to add your Subject Librarian to Canvas. Subject Librarians can help integrate research guides or learning modules into your course, participate in research discussions and respond to student questions, and collaborate with you on instruction and creation of digital learning objects.

What does the Librarian Role mean in Canvas?

In Canvas, you have the ability to add your Subject Librarian using the Librarian roleThis role allows your librarian to view, add, and modify content, as well as interact with your students, but it does not provide them access to the course Gradebook. For a detailed list of permissions, see the Librarian Role permissions table.

If you do need to provide Gradebook access to your Librarian (to assist with library assignments and quizzes, for example), you can assign them additional roles in Canvas, such as:

  • TA: Can modify a course just like the teacher/instructor role.
  • Grader: Can only grade students using the Grade Center and cannot modify or evaluate content or coursework.

How can I add my Librarian in Canvas?

To add your Librarian to Canvas, first navigate to the People tool in the left hand navigation menu of Canvas. Here, select Add People. In the Add People window, follow the steps outlined below: 

  1. Under Add user(s) by, ensure that the Email Address radio button is selected, and enter your Subject Librarian's email address in the provided field.
  2. Next, click on the Role drop-down menu, and select Librarian.
  3. Click Next to confirm your role selection.
  4. Canvas will verify that the email address is accurate in the next window and confirm if the user is ready to be added to your course. If you receive an error, be sure to go back and verify that you have entered the email address correctly before proceeding. Once Canvas confirms that you can add the user to the course site, click Add Users to complete the process.

Your Librarian will receive an email invitation to your Canvas site, and once they accept it, they are added to the course.

"Add people" window in the Canvas Learning Management system. Image demonstrates adding a librarian to a course by entering email and selecting the "Librarian" role in the drop down menu.

clicking the "add users" button allows a faculty member to finalize adding a librarian to the course.

Where can I go for technical help?

If you run into any trouble adding users to your course, get in touch with UO Canvas Support for assistance.

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