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Investigative Journalism


Why Cite Your Sources

  • Professional honesty and courtesy: writers have an obligation to indicate when they have used someone else's ideas or words.
  • Citing sources strengthens the authority of your work.  It demonstrates that you have engaged other thinking on the subject you are writing about.
  • Accurate citations help others locate the materials you used in your research.

Artificial Intelligence Tools in Academic Work

Artificial intelligence (AI) systems such as ChatGPT and DALL•E2 are language models programmed to respond to prompts or queries by using large data sets to generate, summarize, translate, predict, or recognize text, images, or other content. Many of these systems are now available (e.g. Sudowrite, Jasper, Quillbot, Wordsmith, Writesonice, Article Forge, Midjourney, etc.), and major search engines are becoming integrated with them (e.g. Microsoft Bing now uses ChatGPT, and Google Search will soon include Bard).


Citing AI Tools