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Investigative Journalism

Finding Books and Dissertations

LibrarySearch offers a streamlined interface for search results that combine, into a single merged list, the collections of the UO Libraries and the 37 Summit libraries of the Pacific Northwest.

Books on journalism and communication can be found under the following call numbers:

  • HE 7601-8700 Telecommunications
  • HF 5801-6182 Advertising
  • HM 258-263 Public relations
  • HM 851 the Internet
  • HM 1221 Public relations
  • HQ 784-799 Media and children
  • KF 2750 & KF 4770 Media law
  • P 87-96 Mass media
  • PN 1990-1992 Radio and television broadcasting
  • PN 4699-5650 Journalism
  • TR 820-821 Photojournalism

Where Do I Find Books?

Many of the journalism and communication books are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Knight Library.

The 3rd floor covers call numbers H-PG.

The 4th floor covers call numbers PH-Z.