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This guide will lead you to many of the University of Oregon Library's databases (as well as a few Web resources) which are useful for business research on companies, industries, markets, and other business related topics.

Media Planning & Advertising

Advertising & Communication Journals & News

Setected Web Sites

A database which contains over 7,000 advertisements that appeared in US newspapers and magazines between 1911 and 1955. The ads cover the categories of beauty and hygiene, radio, television, transportation, and World War II. Each category has a brief history and can be browsed by topics and year.

The website of Advertising Age is a well-established industry publication which provides a number of useful links for researchers:

Claims to be "an i-tool to create marketing & advertising concepts or campaigns." Novice advertisers will find guidance through the processes of creativity, motivation, and brand creation in print and video formats. Links & search sites provide annotations for Web sites dealing with advertising-related content.

Statistics and data on social media marketing and advertising revenue of social networks worldwide.