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​Integrating Canvas & Research Guides

This page shows how to integrate Research Guides content directly into Canvas.

Roles in Canvas

You can add the content yourself or add your librarian (subject specialist) to your canvas. You'll need to pick one of the roles below. 

Why should I add a librarian to my course?
The librarian subject specialist can respond to questions, help with research discussions, or anything else that seems appropriate.

How do I add another non-student person to canvas?
By navigating to course settings on the left hand side tabs, select “people” –> “add people” on the course site you would like to add the librarian. Add them by typing their email address in the form: in the text box that opens up. They will receive an invitation on their Canvas site, and once they accept it, they are added to the course.

Currently there are four roles in Canvas for the University of Oregon.
GTF: can modify a course just like the teacher/instructor role.
Grader: can only grade students using the Grade Center and cannot modify or evaluate content or coursework.
Course Builder: can modify the course content but has no access to the grades, the Grade Center or the class roster.
Evaluator: can only view the course content and has not access to the grades, the Grade Center or the class roster.

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