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LibrarySearch Help

This guide provides information on the different ways you can use LibrarySearch to locate print and electronic resources.

Search for Books and eBooks

To look for print or eBooks held in UO Libraries and Summit, change the drop down menu to 'UO + Summit' (see below). This will limit your search to books, eBooks, and similar items, and will remove articles from the results.

After you've done the search, limit to just print books or eBooks by going to "Refine My Results > Resource Type" on the left and select these options (see below). 

**eBooks are not available for loan from Summit libraries.

LibrarySearch book search example in UO and Summit

Refine my results to print books and ebooks  


Request a Print Book

You can request a UO Libraries' book from any of our locations to be sent to your preferred pickup location--any of our branch libraries. For students/faculty in distance-only programs, you also have the option of requesting home delivery. To do this click on the book's title and then scroll down to "Request Options," select the "Request UO Item" link, and select your preferred delivery option. If the book is currently checked out this option also serves as a way to recall the book. You must be logged in to your Library Account to see the request options.

Request a print book from UO Libraries

Pickup & Delivery Options

Requested materials may be picked up at any of the UO Libraries' branches. Home and office delivery is also available for some library users. See our current Pickup and Delivery Options.

To select a specific pickup location, follow these steps (see examples below):

  1. Find the item you want in LibrarySearch
  2. Sign in with your UO credentials.
  3. Click the "Request UO item" link
  4. Select your preferred pickup or delivery option.
  5. Click "Request."

You will receive an email at your address when the item is ready for pickup. Physical items will stay on hold for about one week to allow time for pickup.

LibrarySearch request UO item

Pickup locations within LibrarySearch


Request a Chapter from a Print Book

If you only need a chapter from a print book the UO Libraries provides a service called Scan & Deliver where you can place a request to have a copy of the item made for your use (subject to copyright restrictions). To request a print chapter in LibrarySearch, click on the title then scroll down to "Request: Scan & Deliver." Complete the form with information about the chapter--including page numbers--to complete the request. You must be signed in to your Library Account to see the request options.

Request a chapter through Scan & Deliver service

Beyond UO Libraries: Summit & Interlibrary Loan

If the book you want is checked out from the UO Libraries, or if it's not available from UO Libraries, you can request it through the Summit system or Interlibrary Loan (ILL). Summit is an organization of academic libraries in the Pacific Northwest. Members can borrow materials quickly and easily among libraries. ILL allows books to be requested from beyond the Summit libraries.

The request process for Summit and ILL is the same. When you search for a book and see the message "Check if available from other libraries" or "Check request options" for a particular title, you can place a request to have that book borrowed from another library. To make a request, you must be signed in to your LibrarySearch Account when looking at the item you'd like to request. Once you are signed in, you will be able to see the request options under "Request from other libraries." To request a book, click on "Get it" under "Get a physical copy."

EXAMPLE: Book is not available from UO Libraries.

Screenshot of book titled Ethnomusicology: a Contemporary Reader, Volume II from the library catalog with request option.

You can also go directly to a blank interlibrary loan request form and fill out the request form with the article's citation information if you can't find it in LibrarySearch. There will also be a link at the top of your search results that will take you to the blank ILL request form if you'd like to place a request for an item you are not finding in LibrarySearch.

Search for the topic "animal assisted therapy" with a link that says "Can't find the item you need? Click her eto submit an Interlibrary Loan (ILL) request."


Find more information about how to request an item in this guide: