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LibrarySearch Help

This guide provides information on the different ways you can use LibrarySearch to locate print and electronic resources.

Performing an Advanced Search

LibrarySearch can help you with more specialized research using the Advanced Search option. Using Advanced Search you can refine your search to generate results that match very specific criteria including limiting your search by publication date, material type, language, date range, and search scope.

LibrarySearch using advanced search link

Search By Author, Title, Subject, ISBN, Call Number

Using Advanced Search will give you more search options. The default search is by keyword, but you can also choose Author/creator, Title, Subject, ISBN, ISSN and Call number. Select "Any field" to change your search (see below).

LibrarySearch advanced search options

Search Within Specific Collections

Using Advanced Search will allow you to change the scope of where you search. The default is 'UO + Summit + Articles, etc.,' but you can change the drop-down menu to select specific library collections (Curriculum, Documents, Juvenile, Knight Reference, Music, and Special Collections). This option allows you to search the selected collection limiting your search to only materials found within that particular collection.

Advanced search by a particular collection

Search with "Wildcards"

Want to see all of the DVDs in French? Or all of the children's books in Spanish? "Wildcard" searching allows you to do an open-ended search all of the materials within a particular collection or scope.

In the Advanced Search screen, select the scope you want to search and use CP* as your wildcard.

To limit your search to a language, year, or material type, select the search scope, the limiter, and use $$ as your wildcard.

Wildcard search with limits

Search By Date

You can limit by publication date to any year, last year, last 2 years, last 5 years, last 10 years and last 20 years.

Advanced search by publication date

Search By Material Type

You can use the material type limiter to search by All items, Print books, eBooks, Articles, Journals, Audio & Video, Maps, Scores, Images and Reviews.

Advanced search by material type

Advanced search by material type menu

Search By Language

To exclude items in languages you do not want to appear in your search results, limit your search by selecting the language you want to use. 

Advanced search by language