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Military Conflicts in Special Collections

This guide offers brief descriptions of relevant collections related to conflicts. Links are provided whenever online inventories exist.

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Teaching with Primary Source Materials

Our collections exist to be used. When students work directly with primary source materials, historic photographs, and documents that are old or unique, they discover an excitement and passion not generated by textbooks.

Primary source documents can inspire, but they also teach about learning to verify sources, tracking down connections, finding evidence from content and from physical clues.

Philippines and Philippine Constabulary materials in SCUA Collections

Special Collections and University Archives collects in the topical area Philippine History, including diaries, correspondence and other files documenting early 20th century American involvement in the Philippines, with a particular emphasis on those who served with the Philippine constabulary.

Alger, Maurice Plaisted, 1886-1961.
Papers, 1908-1918, 2 boxes; 1 lin. ft.: Ax 477
Alger was born in Trenton, NJ, and educated at St. John's School, Manlius, NY. In 1908 he was commissioned 3rd Lt. in the Philippine Constabulary, rose to the grade of Captain, and retired in 1918. He later went into business in the Philippine Islands.
The papers consist of official Constabulary diaries (1908-1917), a personnel file, Constabulary general orders (1903), and manuals. Also included are language books; issues of American Oldtimer (Manila, PI), vol. 7, no. 1-5, and vol. 8, no. 3-7 (1940-1941); and issues of the Bulletin of the Philippine Constabulary Officers Association, no. 1-10, 12-14 (1950-1962).

Boren, Lemuel Evans, 1879-1961.
Papers, 1899-1920, 1 folder: A 223
Photographs, 2 boxes: PH226
Boren was born in Short Mountain, TN, and served in the 4th Tennessee Infantry, U.S.V., 1898, and the 38th Infantry, U.S.V., 1899. He was stationed in Cuba and the Philippine Islands. In 1901 he was appointed inspector in the Philippine Constabulary. He was promoted to major, and resigned in 1909.
The papers consist of diaries, 1903-1911, and misc. papers, 1899-1920. The diaries cover Boren's Constabulary service.

Elarth, Harold Hanne, 1885-
Papers, 1902-1915, 1943-1951, 2 boxes; 2 lin. ft.: Ax 286
Photographs, 2 boxes of albums: PH112
Elarth was a U.S. Army officer, born in Nebraska. He was a 3rd Lt. in 1904, and rose to the rank of Lt. Col. His major service was in the Philippine insurrection and with the Philippine Constabulary.
The papers include an autobiography, 1904-1917; a diary, 1910-1912; letterbooks, 1902-1904; and correspondence, 1943-1951, concerning Elarth's Story of the Philippine Constabulary (Los Angeles, 1949.) There is also a printed constitution on the Philippine Constabulary Officers Association, and issues of the Bulletin of the Association, no. 2, 4-18 (1950-1956).
The photographs consist of four scrapbooks of photographs and essays documenting Elarth's "Philippine Constabulary Days, 1904-1917."

Furlong, Leonard.
Papers, 1914-1959, 1 box; 1.5 lin ft: Ax 698 (Box 7 in Charles Wellington Furlong papers).
Leonard Furlong was a member of the Philippine Constabulary, 1903-1911. The papers relate to his service (correspondence, photographs, etc.); they also include a manuscript of Blades in the Sun by Vic Hurley (1959).

Gilsheuser, Henry, 1880-
Records of the Philippine Constabulary, 1912-1916, 2 boxes; .5 lin. ft.: Ax 325
Gilsheuser was born in Germany. He enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1898, served in the Philippines, was appointed 3rd Lt. in the Philippine Constabulary (1903), and rose to the grade of Lt. Col. He was Provincial Governor of Lanao, 1910-1912, 1915-1917, and retired in 1917.
The records include a volume of official and semi-official correspondence (1912-1914); Headquarters, Bureau of Constabulary: Circulars (1907, 1909-1916); Bureau of Constabulary, District of Mindanao: General Orders (1915, 1916), Circulars (1915, 1916), Roster of Officers (1916). There is also a manuscript of "Province of Lanao" (1916), prepared by the Constabulary of Lanao under Gilsheuser's direction.

Hersey, Mark L., 1863-1934.
Papers relating to service in the Philippine Constabulary, 1909-1914., 1 folder: A 199
Hersey was born in Maine, and graduated from the U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY, in 1887. He was appointed inspector of the Philippine Constabulary in 1905, and became chief of the Mindanao District, 1909-1914.
The papers consist of diaries (1910, 1911, 1913, 1914), letters from Gen. James G. Harbord (1909-1912), and one letter from Gen. Harry H. Bandholz (1909).

Hurley, G. Victor, 1898-1978
Papers, 2 boxes: Ax 343
Manuscripts, correspondence and memorabilia related to writing. Vic Hurley served as an Army officer in World War I and a Navy officer in World War II, and ran plantations in the Philippinesin the 1920s. Hurley is noted as a writer about the Philippines, particularly documenting the Philippine Constabulary with which he had a close but unofficial relationship. He was a friend of C.W. Furlong and H.H. Elarth.

Killian, Noe C., 1891-
Military papers, 1915-1961, 3 folders: A 250.
Killian was born in Georgia and educated at Gordon Institute, Barnesville, GA. He was an officer in the Philippine Constabulary, 1913-1917, and in the U.S. Army, 1917-1929.
The papers include minor Constabulary papers, letters from Alejandro Suarez, and issues of the Constabulary magazine, Khaki and Red.

Pate, Joseph Benjamin, 1879-1964.
Diaries and mementos, 1908-1964, 2 boxes; 2 lin. ft.: Ax 790
Col. Pate was educated at Maryville College, TN; the U.S. Infantry and Cavalry School, Ft. Leavenworth, KS; the Command and General Staff School, Ft. Leavenworth; and the Army War College, Washington, DC. From 1906-1917 he was an officer with the Philippine Constabulary. During World War I he was an infantry major, 157th Infantry Division, 4th French Army. Between 1936 and 1941 Pate was a military attache in Central America, Venezuela, and Colombia, and in 1941-1942 he was senior member of the Neutral Military Observer Mission in connection with the Ecuador-Peru boundary dispute.
The diaries are for 1908-1914, 1916-1918, 1927-1952, and 1954-1964. Also included are biographical information photographs, and a list of former officers of the Philippine Constabulary.

Pence, A.F.
Papers, [192-], 1 folder. SFM 43.
Pence was the Deputy Provincial Governor, Province of Cotabato, Sarangani District, Philippine Islands. The papers include a typescript of an article, "Sarangani Awaits the Homeseeker;" a letter (Aug. 3, 1921) o the Provincial Governor; and additional information on the Sarangani District.

Thebaud, Joseph V., 1888-
Diaries and miscellany, 1 folder: A 258.
Photographs: 1 box: PH224
Thebaud was born in California and educated at Rock Hill College, Ellicott City, MD. He joined the Philippine Constabulary in 1912 and resigned in 1915. He was later an officer in the U.S. Army.
The diaries (Apr. 22, 1912-Mar. 20, 1916) cover Thebaud's Philippine Islands experiences. Also included are three manuscript maps.
The photographs consist of a photograph album of his career.

White, John Roberts, 1879-1961.
Papers, 1898-1948, 9 boxes; 13.5 lin. ft.: Ax 192
Photographs, 11 boxes: PH295
White was born in Reading, England, and educated in private schools. He served with the Greek Foreign Legion in 1897, went to Alaska and the Yukon, 1897-1899, and enlisted in the 4th U.S. Infantry, 1899, serving in the Philippines. White Joined the Philippine Constabulary in 1901, rose to the rank of colonel, and retired in 1914. He served as superintendent of the Iwahig penal colony, 1906-1908. After retiring, White Went to Europe for the Red Cross and the Rockefeller Foundation, and was with the National Park Service from 1920 on.
The papers include an autobiography, diaries and notebooks (1897, 1906-1916, 1920-1948), and correspondence with family members and publishers. Documents include official orders, reports, and papers of the Philippine Constabulary.

Other Philippines material

Boutelle, Frazier Augustus (1840-1924)
9 boxes, 2 volumes, 4.75 lin.ft.: PH119, ax12
Frazier Augustus Boutelle (1840-1924) served in the US Army for 57 years, fighting in the Civil War, in Indian wars, and working as a recruiter in World War I. In 1889-1990 he was Superintendent of Yellowstone National Park. The collection consists of documentation of Boutelle's career: military scenes of the Indian Wars from 1870s-1890s, images from the Philippines from 1898-1899, and the Yellowstone area 1889-1890.

Holmes, Burton (1870-1958), Philippine album
1 boxes, 0.1 lin.ft.: PH203_023
The collection consists of one album of scenes from 1913 visit of professional traveler and photographer Burton Holmes (1870-1958) to the Philippines. Includes excellent images of native peoples and dignitaries, the Philippine Constabulary, prisoners, and Gen. Pershing. Several images of Holmes and his film equipment.

Lord & Schryver
14 boxes, 6 lin.ft.: Coll 098
Elizabeth Lord (1887-1976) and Edith "Nina" Schryver (1901-1984) formed a landscape architecture firm in 1929 that lasted forty years and gained them recognition as pioneers in their field. In addition to their design work, the two traveled widely and promoted thoughtful design through illustrated lectures to garden clubs and civic groups. The collection consists of lantern slides from their travels, postcards, prints, 35mm slides, negatives, an album from the Philippines, and drafting tools.

McAlister, Harry L.
1 folder: CA M119
McAlister was an enlisted man in Company A, Oregon Volunteers. The collection consists of mementos of the Spanish-American War Philippines campaign, 1898-1899.

McAnlis, William W. (d. 1965)
1 boxes, 0.01 lin.ft.: Coll 105
Dr. William W. McAnlis (d. 1965) and his wife, Josephine, were medical missionaries in the Philippines from 1925 to 1964. The collection consists of sixteen images of McAnlis, his family, and people of Tacloban Academy, 1950.

McLaughlin Ara W. (b. 1873)
2 boxes. 0.5 lin.ft.: Coll. 279
Ara W. McLaughlin (b.1873) was a native of Oregon City, OR and served in the Spanish-American War. The collection consists of diaries, 1898-1899, detailing his service in San Francisco, Hawaii, and the Philippines.

Thompson, Herbert Cooper (1875-1960)
20 boxes, 8 lin.ft.: PH043, Ax67
Herbert Cooper Thompson (1875-1960) served in the Philippines as part of the Oregon Volunteers, and was a war correspondent during World War I and the Mexican Revolution. The collection consists of family portraits and images from his travels. Most of the prints are arranged by location.

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