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Understanding & Establishing Digital Scholarly Identity Workshop Series

This how-to guide is meant to support anyone interested in developing and maintaining their digital scholarly identities and accompanies the "Understanding & Establishing Digital Scholarly Identity" Workshop Series.

Your Instructors

Headshot of Genifer Snipes

Genifer Snipes

Head of Social Science Liaisons and Business & Entrepreneurship Librarian


Headshot of Kate Thornhill

Kate Thornhill

Digital Scholarship Librarian


Headshot of Franny Gaede

Franny Gaede

Director, Digital Scholarship Services


A rainbow sign says welcome

Welcome to the Understanding & Establishing Digital Scholarly Identity Workshop Series Research Guide. Whew, that's a long title! Your instructors built this Guide for a couple reasons:

  • to hold all the links to all the websites we're going to visit over the course of the next two days
    • and your instructors' contact information
  • to remind us of what we told you we were going to talk about
  • to remind you of everything we're going to talk about
  • to help out the random person on Google who found this guide -- hi there!

We're going to cover A Lot of stuff over the next two days and it's okay if you're feeling a little overwhelmed. This Guide isn't going anywhere and you are welcome to contact any of us for a refresher if you need help with something today, tomorrow, or next Friday the Thirteenth. You've got this!

Thank you to our fellow instructor, Katherine Donaldson, who couldn't be present for the workshop series, but whose hard work, expertise, and thoughtfulness was absolutely vital to ensuring that we had a program to present to you!

Many thanks to the University of Oregon Libraries' Administration for their support through the Library Innovation Award program, through which we are able to offer stipends, a year of Reclaim Hosting and Carrd, and most importantly: snacks.