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PPPM 611/613/617: 2022 Final Project

Research guide for the Sisters final project in PPPM 611/613/617 (Intro to Planning Practice; Planning Analysis; Human Settlements)

Citation Guides

These guides assist you in properly formatting the citations to articles, books, images, etc., you find in databases and elsewhere.

Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated bibliographies allow your reader to understand the significance of your sources as they relate to your research project. Your annotations should tell the reader what the cited text is about, why it's significant, and your own analysis of how the text is related to your work.

They look slightly different depending on which citation style you're working with but they generally come immediately after each citation. Make sure to use the hanging indentation format that's commonly used for bibliographies. For a list of examples, check out Purdue OWL's samples.

Some key things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep it succinct. A brief paragraph of about 150 words is generally enough. 
  2. Identify the purpose and thesis. Why was this written and what's the author's point? What evidence did they use to come to their conclusion? Are they responding to an idea? Synthesizing new information from multiple ideas? 
  3. Provide a contextualized analysis. Don't just provide a summary. Ask yourself: Do I agree with the author's argument? What's does the author do well? What is the author missing? How does the text fit into my research project?