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Using the Historic Oregon Newspapers Website

A guide for searching in the Historic Oregon Newspapers website.

How to View Pages

Images of historic newspaper pages, as well as uncorrected page text, are displayed through your web browser. However, Historic Oregon Newspapers also contains high-resolution images (JPEG2000) and enhanced text (PDF) that may require special viewers. Most viewers can be downloaded free from vendor sites. This page explains the various formats used and how to access them.

Download and View PDFs

The PDF (.pdf) is used for page images with enhanced text. To view this file format, download Adobe Acrobat Reader. Once downloaded you can use the following PDF to test it out:

Download and View JPEG2000s

The JPEG2000 (.jp2) uses wavelet compression technology to provide high-resolution images. Tiling supports decompression of only that portion of the image requested by the user. Compression ration is about 20:1, depending on image content and color depth. To view the JPEG2000 file in Windows, download IrfanView with plug-ins suite. In Mac OSX, Preview will automatically allow you to view these files. Once ready, you can use the following JPEG2000 to test it out:

Some Web browsers incorrectly assume that Quicktime (automatically included with the browser software) can display a JPEG2000 image (JPEG2000, or .jp2, is not a "native" Web format.) To counteract this effect, download the JPEG2000 (JP2) image by "right-click*quot;-ing with the mouse on the image link --e.g., "JP2 (4.0 Mb)". In the dialog box that appears, you will see "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." (depending on the Web browser used). Selecting this option will result in downloading the imOKage to your desktop for further review.