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Using the Historic Oregon Newspapers Website

A guide for searching in the Historic Oregon Newspapers website.

Advanced Searching

To make the most of searching this text, take advantage of the search options provided on the Advanced Search page.

  • To limit your search to particular geographic area, select a city or county.
  • Or you can limit your search to a particular newspaper, or select several newspapers, picked from the list of titles currently available in Historic Oregon Newspapers.
  • You can also search the entire date range available (default), or select a specific date and limit your search to a specific year, month, or even day using the MM/DD/YYYY format. (Note: selecting the same begin month/day/year and end month/day/year will provide links to every page available for that specific date.)
  • In addition, enter a specific search term or terms in the Search Terms boxes provided. The operators provided will influence the results of your search significantly and can be used in separate searches or in conjunction within a single search.

Search terms boxes

Search for a Phrase

To search for an exact phrase:

  • On the Advanced Search page, enter your phrase in the appropriate "With the phrase" search terms box.
  • When searching for a phrase, enter the words in the order they are most likely to occur.
  • The order of search words does not affect the scope of the search results, but it will affect the order of their display.

Search for Words Near Each Other

To search for words near each other, also known as a proximity search:

  • On the Advanced Search tab, enter your keywords into the "Proximity Search" box.
  • Select a numeric value for how close the words should be to each other (proximity).
  • This type of search can be helpful in narrowing results on a given person, place or event to a specific aspect of that person, place or event. For example: "Roosevelt conservation" within 10 words will result mostly in articles about President Theodore Roosevelt's Conservation policies during his administration.

Proximity search box