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A guide to government resources at the University of Oregon

Find State Government Information using Google

Find State Government Publications using Google

One way is to use Google Advanced Search

  • Enter your topic's keywords and then, in the Search by Site or Domain box, type: .[two-letter state abbreviation].us-- e.g. (Oregon) or (Tennessee).  For all the two-letter abbreviations, see here
  • More and more, city and state governments are adopting the .gov domain name, e.g. Indiana:, so you probably should try both
    • In Oregon, as in many other states, the main pages are under the .gov domain. However, many documents (.pdf and .doc) will still be under the old .[xx].us domain
    • Searching on the domain will also bring up city and county government documents for that state.
  • You can search for city and county governments using the domain: .ci.[cityname].[xx].us or .co.[county name].[xx].us, e.g. for the city of Seattle, or for Lane County, OR.