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Ducks Give

New Gaming Center Coming Soon!

Thanks to generous donors, UO Libraries received 95 gifts totaling $44,579 during Ducks Give. These will be used to support the UO Libraries including a new free gaming center in the Allan Price Science Commons and Research Library.

Why a gaming center?

This free gaming space would promote student engagement through various forms of gaming, including board games, video games, and more.

It would also help students:

  • Increase cognitive skills
  • Build peer-to-peer collaboration and teamwork  
  • Boost creativity
  • Get stress relief
  • Develop career skills such as critical thinking and problem solving using technology

Jordyn Johnson, an undergraduate student studying marketing and analytics, is particularly excited about this challenge. She shares:

“I think having a space for people who enjoy all things games, not just E-sports, is important for community building. When students have a space they can enter, that allows them to be around other students who enjoy the same things, it creates enriching experiences that promote growth and wellbeing.”

Hear more from Jordyn about the benefits of gaming for student in the video above.