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Videogame checkout policies

Regular use:

UO students and employees can check out up to two games and one console at a time.. Games check out for six weeks and can be renewed one time. Consoles, controllers, or other accessories check out for 3 days. They are usually due at 3:00 on the third day (example: a console checked out Monday will be due at 3:00 on Thursday).  If the library is closed on the due date, the console will be due the next day the library is open instead. Please note the due date because there are overdue fines if you're late.

Consoles can be "booked" (reserved for a specific time slot) ahead of time through the library catalog. Use this feature if you expect to need access to a specific console at a specific time.

Event reservations:

If you want specific games and/or consoles for campus-sponsored events, let us know. Staff will work with event coordinators to book and check out games as needed, and will not enforce the limit of two games at a time.  Please contact Jimmy Murray,, to make arrangements.

More info

Best practices to avoid overdue fines:

  • Set a reminder or alarm to remind you to return things at the due time.
  • If you realize a part is missing or broken when you check the material(s) out, let us know as soon as possible.
  • If you have a console checked out, double check that all parts you started with are present.  Common mistakes include accidentally keeping the HDMI cable or returning only one of two controllers.
  • If you have multiple pieces, such as two games and a spare controller, either clearly set them all on the counter separately, or tell us if there are parts in a console kit bag.  We will check for things we know are supposed to be there, but it's easy not to realize there is a separate cable in a pocket!