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Finding Data & Statistics

A guide to finding statistical information and downloadable datasets

Sources by Subject

U.S. Census - General Tools and Sources

Oregon Census Data

Agricultural and Economic Censuses

USDA Census of Agriculture

US Economic Census

Historical Census

See the Economic Data section in:


Higher Education (Rankings)

♦Be aware that all ranking systems have their flaws and biases.


(The three international sites below explain their ranking methodology.)

U.S. Colleges & Universities

  • The most popular and well-known U.S. rankings site, but be aware it is controversial and has received much criticism, although it is not alone in this. You can read about their methodology here.

More on college rankings:

Elections - General & International

Elections - United States

Elections - Oregon

Government (U.S.)

Government Budgets & Finances

Government Performance (Voting records, etc.)

Law & the Courts

United States



This page links to statistics on child welfare, crime, hunger/food assistance, immigration, poverty, social security and welfare recipients

  • Education and Women's & Gender Issues have their own pages.


United States