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Source Pulls for Law Journals

U.S. Code

Provisions of the U.S. Code are available on HeinOnline and on the Government Publishing Office website. Look under “U.S. Code” and select the most recent (or applicable) edition of the Code. Note that the U.S.C. is reprinted only every six years with annual supplements in between printings. Scroll to the bottom to review supplements.

State Statutes

The law library maintains a copy of the official Oregon Revised Statutes. In addition, it has a copy of the annotated versions of the Revised Code of Washington and the California Codes. Current copies can be found in the reading room. Please consult with Bluebook rule 12.2.1 and journal policies before pulling a state statute.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)

The CFR is available on HeinOnline, under “Code of Federal Regulations,” as well as at Government Publishing Office website.

Federal Register

The Federal Register is available on HeinOnline, under “Federal Register Library,” as well as at the Government Publishing Office website.

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