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LibrarySearch Help

This guide provides information on the different ways you can use LibrarySearch to locate print and electronic resources.

Basic Search Options

LibrarySearch defaults to searching by Keyword like any search engine, but you can change this to instead search by Title, Author or Subject. Use the links on the left-side menu of this page to learn what each of these do.

Search by Keyword

Keyword searching mimics the way other search engines, like Google, generate results. The search will take the words you enter and generate a result list of items that contain the words or phrase. Try starting with a couple words that represent the topic.

LibrarySearch basic search using keywords


Search by Title

If you know the title of the item you are looking for conduct a Title search instead of a keyword search. Change the menu to Title and enter the item title in the search. This will bring the item you are looking for to the top if it is available through the UO Libraries.

LibrarySearch basic search by title


Search by Author

The Author search allows you to look for the work done by a particular scholar/author in the UO Libraries holdings.

LibrarySearch basic search by author


Search by Subject

The Subject search is similar to keyword searching, but rather than matching by word, the results are based on a subject tags attached to the item. Our books all receive Library of Congress Subject Headings when they are added to our catalog. 

LibrarySearch subject search drop-down menu